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Scroll Publishing Co. Books.jpg Scroll Publishing Co. was founded in 1988 as a non-profit publishing house for the purpose of publishing honest, unbiased books about early Christianity. Because we are not connected to any denomination or beholden to any other entity, we are free to openly and objectively publish Christian literature without having to slant it to fit anyone elseís preconceptions.

Scroll Publishing CDs As Scroll Publishing grew, we added teaching cassettes to our list of publications, and later we added teaching CDs. We also expanded our focus to include not only the early Christians, but also church history and radical Christian discipleship. We recently added Christian music to our list of publications.

We added our website in 1997. On our website, we not only feature our books, music, teaching CDs and tapes, but we also try to provide worthwhile information for our visitors. We invite you to check out our Christian History section. In April of 2006, we added our Reading Room, where we feature timely articles on the Christian life.

In June of 2006, we added a section to our website entitled 100 Key Documents of Christian History. We have always encouraged our readers to go to the original, primary sources for information about any given period of church history. In this section of our website, we have reproduced copies of 100 or more historic Christian documents, ranging from the days of the apostles to the end of the twentieth century.

Weíre More Than A Book Publisher!

Honduras-Little Girl Scroll Publishing Co. is more than a book, cd, and tape publisher. It does no good to learn about the radical, spirit-infused lives of the early Christians if its only for academic interest. Academic knowledge may enrich us intellectuallyóbut thatís all. The whole reason we publish works about the early Christians is to challenge todayís Christians to return to the uncompromising, radical Christianity of the early centuries.

One aspect of primitive Christianity that is often overlooked by Bible-believing Christians today is its commitment to the poor. Helping the poor was a high priority of the apostles and it continued to be so for the first few centuries after the apostles.

The Problem

     Americans today live in an age of unprecedented prosperity. The United States not only is the wealthiest country in the entire world—it is the wealthiest country that has ever existed. According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the present median U. S. income for a family of four is $53,350.00. Thatís approximately $4500.00 per month for the average American family. The U. S. minimum wage is nearly $6.00 an hour.

     In contrast, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. The minimum wage for factory, store and office workers there is 65¢ an hour. Yet, the majority of Honduranean donít work in factories, stores and offices. The normal wage for farm and other unskilled workers is only 30¢ an hour! Thatís a mere $2.40 a day for hard, back-breaking labor. Thatís less than half of what a U. S. minimum wage worker earns in just one hour! Most American families waste more each day than what the typical unskilled Honduranean worker earns!

The Answer Honduras Carpenter

     One way to address this huge imbalance is to simply give food and money to the poor in Honduras. But once the food is eaten and the money spent, then what? Keep giving that same family more food and more money? You then create a welfare dependency that merely prolongs the problem.

     A better answer is to enable a poor family to establish a trade or small business that can support them for a lifetime. This empowers them to provide for themselves, and it creates no dependency on American money. Part of the profits from Scroll Publishing go to this program of helping our brothers and sisters in Honduras. If you are not already actively involved in helping the poor, we would welcome your prayers and support for this work in Honduras.

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