Reading Room

Reading Room

Here you will find a collection of thought-provoking or devotional articles written by some of our friends, or by various Christians throughout history. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy the insights of these fellow pilgrims.

Did Jesus Intend for Us to Obey His Commandments?
By Jeremy King
Did Jesus intend for us to obey His commandments? Or were His commandments meant for a future (or past) dispensation?

A Bible Riddle
By Chuck Pike
How well do you know the book of First Kings? Here’s a chance to test your Bible knowledge and perhaps learn something new.

Jesus and War
By Will Pike
“Is it wrong for a Christian to support his country by participating in war? While there are a wide variety of opinions on this topic, if we look back to the teachings of Jesus and the practices of the early church, the answer to this question is very clear.”

Will The Real Pagan Please Stand Up?
By Dean Taylor
“—So you’re saying that in the early church there were no elders or pastors to make decisions, or to say where the money was going?” “That’s right”....

The Gospel of Jesus
By Mark Carrier
For centuries, most churches have been preaching a message of “easy-believism.” Just say a short prayer and invite Jesus into your heart. But is this really the gospel that Jesus preached?

The True Meaning of Meekness
By Norman Grubb
Meekness unadulterated carries with it crucifixion. The truly meek can claim no rights, keep no rigid hold on earthly possessions.

When You Preach, Don’t Settle for Mediocrity
By David Bercot
No one is a “born speaker.” The key to being able to preach effectively is to have a strong desire to effectively convey God’s truths.

“Are You Ready?”
by Gary Miller
Is your faith strong enough to endure persecution? Is it strong enough to resist modern materialism?

“How To Die To Self”
by G.D. Watson
Jesus told us that if we want to follow Him we must deny ourselves and take up our cross. Most of us find that harder than we had originally thought. Here are insights on how to deny yourself.

“God’s Dream House”
by Gary Miller
When Jesus was on earth, He cleansed the temple. Today, we are the temple of God. Are you willing to have Jesus clean out what’s inside?

“Of Salt and Light”
by Gary Miller
What does it mean for Christians to be salt and light in today’s society?

“Of Fish and Men”
by Jason R. Sullivan
An excerpt from the book, Unshed Tears

“The Other Side Of The Wall”
by Gary Miller
A sermon on the importance of giving.

“Shaped to God’s Design”
by Leonard Ravenhill
A penetrating and challenging message on how the Holy Spirit can shape us into the design God want us— if we will yield to the Spirit.

“What Is the Kingdom of God?”
by Peter Hoover
A stimulating dialogue on what the kingdom of God is and what it means to be a citizen of the kingdom. Is the kingdom of God the same thing as the church? Or is it much more?

“A Very Important Ingredient”
by Elmo Stoll

Godly insights on what happens when we don’t allow for one of the “primary ingredients” in our witnessing, child raising, and other aspects of the Christian life.

“How to Walk with God”
by George Whitefield
Whitefield gives valuable insight and practical counsel on how any believer can have a close walk with God .

“Is the Kingdom of God a Democracy?”
What the Kingdom of God is and what it means to live in the Kingdom.

“Who Dr. Rebecca Brown Really Is”
by Peter Hoover

If you have ever been exposed to the publications of Jack Chick (something we don’t recommend), you have no doubt come across the name, “Dr. Rebecca Brown.” This is an expose of who she really is.
“What are Faith, Hope, and Love?”
by Jeremy Taylor

These are the three fruits of the Spirit that Paul says will remain. A penetrating analysis of each of these qualities.

“Do All to the Lord Jesus ”
by Edward Pusey

A sermon on what it means to do all things to the glory of Jesus Christ.

“When Life Is Not Fair!”
by George O Wood

Our relationship with Christ plays a major role in how we respond when life does not seem fair.

“The Race for Relevance”
Christianity is always relevant because “Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday, and forever”—not because it compromises its message to be “acceptable” in every century.

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