The Family Grocery Store
November, 2017

Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me." Matt. 25:40

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Honduras microloan

Recently, the Society had the privilege of giving an interest-free microloan to the Alvarado family. Orlando Alvarado and his wife Kathy operate a neighborhood mini-mart, known in Honduras as a pulperia. Over the years, we have found pulperias to be one of the most successful businesses for our loan recipients. We have had extremely few fail.

This success is not surprising, since in Honduras over 60 percent of product distribution is through the traditional channels of pulperias and open markets. When the huge mega-company, Nestlé, originally moved into Mexico, it decided to sidestep the new supermarkets with some of its products and to distribute them exclusively through the local neighborhood markets. After doing extensive marketing research, they concluded, “Local shopkeepers exert outsized influence in tightly knit, low-income neighborhoods. It’s the small store owner who can recommend or disavow a product.” The same thing about Mexico is true in Honduras as well.

Honduras microloan With the loan they received from the Society, Orlando and Kathy Alvarado expanded the inventory for their pulperia. They are now able to offer new products like dog food, and to expand their selection of staples like chicken, cereal, snacks, and bread.

Kathy and her husband Orlando both had experience with small businesses even before they got married 7 years ago. They both worked in the local open market. In Kathy’s case, her mom owned a stand in the local open market, so she grew up helping her mom. Orlando sold fruits and vegetables in the market as well. After getting married, they continued their “family tradition” by operating their own stand in the market. But about three years ago, they realized that their market stand was not meeting their family budget, so they sold it. They then fixed up the house they were renting in order to run a pulperia out of it.

Honduras microloan The pulperia that Orlando and Kathy are operating is growing little by little, particularly with the help of the loan from the Society. Being innovative, Orland and Kathy have broadened their pulperia beyond offering ordinary grocery-store items. They have a computer in their store with an internet connection that students can rent. They also offer printing and secretarial services. They recently got a contract to print 10,000 labels a week for a nearby bakery.

Between their business and taking care of their 5-year-old son Abraham, Orlando and Kathy keep very busy. Nevertheless, they both make time to continue serving in their congregation in various capacities. We are glad to see their faithfulness and love for Christ and that God has blessed their hard work in their business.

Honduras microloan As I mentioned, Orlando and Kathy are currently renting the house where they operate their pulperia. So they are praying about buying a house of their own. Please remember this when you pray for Orlando and Kathy. Thank you!

Jonathan and Keila are very grateful for the opportunity the Society has given them, and they want to thank all of you donors who have made their loan possible. Nancy Barahona

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