1611 King James Bible

For nearly 400 years, the King James Bible Version has been beloved for its majestic phrasing and stately cadences. It is the most influential English Bible in history--and arguably the most influential English book of all time.

However, over time, the text has suffered subtle and occasionally troublesome alterations. This attractive edition preserves the original 1611 edition. Word for word and page for page, the text appears with its original marginal notes, preface and other introductory material. However, it features is a far more readable roman typeface set by nineteenth-century master printers. Elegantly bound with old-world quality craftsmanship.

Please note: For most people, this is not an edition that will be useful for normal Bible reading, as the language and spelling of 1611 can be a bit cumbersome. We offer it for research purposes, so that those of our readers who use the KJV can see for themselves how it originally read and what changes have been made in the text over the centuries.

  The only word-for-word facsimile of the original 1611 Authorized Version available today

  Handsome page design with clearer modern type and decorative initials is convenient to read and reference.

  Like the original 1611 King James Bible, this comes complete with the Apocrypha.

  Attractive binding with a raised hub, gilding, and ribbon marker.
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1611 King James Bible
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