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Peter Hoover’s Newsletters

Peter Hoover and I have been friends for about twenty years. In 1990, he wrote me after reading Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up. As a result of his letter, my family and I flew down to Costa Rica to meet him and his family. We then stayed in touch by phone and letter. I saw him again in 1999, when he lived near Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. He was preparing to move to Chile at the time. We had a good time catching up on everything and sharing spiritual insights with each other.

After that visit, Peter and I continued to write each other. While he was in Chile, Peter established contacts with various Christians in Australia. Several years ago, Peter and his family moved to Tasmania, a part of Australia. The Hoovers and some other families have formed a Christian community there named Rocky Cape Christian Community. This community has ties to the Elmendorf Christian Community in Minnesota.

Several times a month, Peter Hoover sends out an email newsletter, named Sunlit Kingdom. It contains some of the most inspiring and challenging reading I have found on the kingdom of God and living the Christian life. I don’t always agree with everything Peter says (although the vast majority of the time I do), but I always find his newsletters interesting and thought-provoking.

With Peter’s permission, we are now publishing some of Peter’s newsletters on our website. Just click on any of the links provided below. If you find that you enjoy Peter’s newsletters as much as I do, you may want to subscribe to them. The newsletters are free. At the bottom of each of the newsletters, it contains information on how you can contact Peter to subscribe to his newsletters.

David Bercot

Waldensians in Uruguay
A brief introduction to Waldensians in Uruguay.

Nueva Palestina
A look at a community in Honduras that survived against amazing odds.

Hansl And Gretl
Hänsl, a hatmaker and a messenger of a Moravian community, was caught by the authorities in this lovely valley of southern Germany, and thrown into prison. He was able to get a message sent home to his wife, Gretl, who was wondering what had happened to him.

Renounce and Enjoy
What inspired the joy and zeal radiating from the Early Christians? How could the church expand so rapidly over the known world in just one hundred years after the time of the apostles? Why was it that these first believers could face persecution and death with courage and joy?

God's Fire
We are weak, unstable mortal people. When we stand before the judgement seat of God what will we say? Very quickly our height, our strength, falls and disappears. This is my cry. We get nothing much done. Very quickly it goes down and falls apart. Let only God, in his mercy, help us along, where everything goes up in fire.

No Mistakes
Sixteen years old, confused, yet loving the Lord Jesus, I set out on a long pilgrimage. Far from over, far from southern Ontario, Canada, where it began, I look forward with Jesus to whatever comes. .

Now We Know In Part
The moon is a picture of us as Christians. In a completely dark world – dead in trespasses and sins, the light that we shine is brilliant. The light, in fact, is so unlike the world around us that no one can help but notice the presence of it. .

God's Calling to Us
I write this letter to you all to share what has been going on in my thoughts these last three months. I have had the most glorious time with God these last months. As the weeks go on I find myself slipping further away from this earth. At this point I find myself mostly in heaven and only a little bit in the earth. .

Update on Peter Hoover's 2nd Surgery
I know many of you are waiting to hear a report from us, and now I will quickly grab this chance to update you on my sescond surgery. .

Only God, Nothing More
Nicaraguans were displaced after the war in the 1980s. Was there anything good about it? We have seen the War of Spirits in the Early Church. The battle continues. The torch has been passed to us. What will our choice be? .

Art Gish
When you begin taking the Bible seriously, it will affect both how you live and how you view others.

What are we looking for?
This article looks at what is really matters in this life. It looks at the things that are great in this world and how small they are to God.

Borrowed Time
Peter describes his time in the hospital for brain surgery in July, 2010, and his continuing recovery since then. He tells it in his usual, gifted way. Includes some keen insights on the Christian life that this experience has given him.

Update on Peter Hoover’s Surgery
Peter’s brain surgery was successful. At first, it appeared that there were some severe post-surgery complications, but as of now, things are looking bright.

Peter Hoover Diagnosed With Brain Tumor
We received an announcement today that Peter Hoover has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and was to undergo surgery today.

Amish Movies
Today, the world has enormous interest in the Amish. Various movies and television shows have been made about the Amish. In this article, Peter Hoover shares his thoughts about the value (or lack thereof) of these movies and shows.

Is Uniformity the Answer?
For thirty-five years or more, Peter has looked at the issue of church rules (usually called “standards”) from both sides of the issue. Here are some of his reflections on the issue.

How a Rabbi Helped Renew My Faith in Christ
A story from twenty-three years ago when Peter was visiting Mexico City, and he found himself in a spiritual crisis.

Some Reflections on Islam
Some insights on why Muslims resent Christians and how Christians should respond.

Radical Anabaptists Today: Part 1
The story of a group of twentieth-century Anabaptists who sought a more committed walk with Jesus Christ.

Radical Anabaptists Today: Part 2
The story of a group of twentieth-century Anabaptists who sought a more committed walk with Jesus Christ.

Radical Anabaptists Today: Part 3
The story of a group of twentieth-century Anabaptists who sought a more committed walk with Jesus Christ.

Radical Anabaptists Today: Part 4
The story of a group of twentieth-century Anabaptists who sought a more committed walk with Jesus Christ.

Radical Anabaptists Today: Part 5
The story of a group of twentieth-century Anabaptists who sought a more committed walk with Jesus Christ.

God Blesses Thrift and Hard Work
The Hutterites in Tasmania have found they have much in common with the workers in Tasmania who have come from Indonesia: thrift and hard work.

The Sugar Glider
Read about the amazing tiny animal that showed up at the Rocky Cape Community one day.

Kingdom Writings of Peter Ridemann
Peter Ridemann, one of the early Anabaptist leaders, wrote much about the kingdom of God. Here are some excerpts from his writings, together with insights from Peter Hoover.

Peter Ridemann
Peter Ridemann was one of the early Anabaptist leaders, who endured suffering and danger in order to preach about the kingdom of God.

Another Collision
Engaged couple in horse and buggy are hit by car

Going Home
The story of the John Esh family, who were killed in a car accident in Kentucky

Watchful Pilgrims
The story of Abraham Blosser and his magazine, The Watchful Pilgrim

Going Home.
A fascinating account of Peter’s visit with his Mennonite relatives back in Canada and the U. S. But where is home?

Preaching Christ or Preaching Creationism?
We believe in the Genesis account of creation. But should Christians make Genesis their focal point instead of Christ?

“ Life Like We Make It”
Port San Carlos on the Falkland Islands. No electricity. No other towns close by. Closest paved road a day's drive away. Nothing but vast sheep stations and silence.

“The Price?”
How much does your faith mean to you?

“The Seeker’s Song”

“The Beginning of Wisdom”
Are we raising out children correctly?

A look at life in Switzerland today

“Just Like That
Thoughts on how quickly life can end.

What Christianity is like in China

“A Professor and a Shopkeeper”

A story about missionary work in India.

“The Vote”
Is it a Christians duty to vote in today’s world?

“Poor Enough”
A story about what it is like to be truly poor.

“Time To Think”

“A Song in the Wilderness”
A true story about the Moravians and their missionary outreach to the Caribbean islands.

“What Is the Kingdom of God?”
A stimulating dialogue on what the kingdom of God is and what it means to be a citizen of the kingdom. Is the kingdom of God the same thing as the church? Or is it much more?

“Living in Community”
A look at Christian communities of the past and how they are needed today.

$10.95 The Mystery of the Mark
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Nothing says more about the state of Christianity in our time than how Christians do, or refuse to do, “mission work.” All the way from presenting the Gospel through entertainment (Christian movies and festivals) to preaching such a narrow, sectarian Gospel, based on such wobbly “fundamentals” that no one gets convinced (at least not for long), Christians have tried desperately through the last century to make themselves relevant, effective, or at least heard.

256 pp. Paper.


$11.95 Poor But Clean
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Peter Hoover. This is the life story of Helena Wiebe Krahn, mother-in-law of Peter Hoover. She and her family lived in 20 different places in four countries before coming to Australia, where she now lives. Not only does the book reflect godly values being passed from one generation to the next, but it also includes a wealth of information about the Plautdietsch Mennonites from the Netherlands through Prussia, Russia, Canada, and Latin America during the past five centuries. One small story in the Lord’s infinitely larger picture. Includes over 100 photos. more.
200 pp. Paper.


Peter Hoover. eBook in pdf format. Martyrdom, by Ignatius' time, already appealed to believers intent on doing great things for Christ. The early Christians venerated marytrs, the dates of whose executions grew into a calendar of saints, and wearing a martyr's halo is still extremely popular. But martyr's halos do not come in the mail.