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December is Early Christianity Month here at Scroll Publishing Co. During December, you may purchase any of our books pertaining to early Christianity at special discounts, ranging from 20% to 55% off. Also, during December you can pick up a copy of The Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs for only $18.95.

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S-ANF-pdf.jpg Early Christians Special: Ante-Nicene Fathers on CD-ROM
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The early Christian writings known as the Ante-Nicene Fathers are the most valuable aid to understanding the New Testament in its historical context. Now for only $8.95 you can have their entire writings at your disposal in PDF format. Our PDF version is complete with table of contents so that the user can quickly find any particular work. Not only that, the PDF format allows the user to quickly do word searches throughout the entire set of writings. The user can also highlight passages of interest and add his own comments. ...­ more.
1 CD-ROM           Available Now!

S-Common-Sense-MP3.jpg Early Christians Special: Common Sense: MP3 Audio Book
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Paul Brown has kindly recorded the entire Common Sense book into MP3 audio format.

Note: We have re-mastered the original recording. more.

1 MP3 disc

S-Common-Sense-PDF.jpg Early Christians Special: CD-ROM - Common Sense: PDF Version
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D. Bercot. In this sequel to Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up, Bercot explains seven common sense principles of document interpretation that will enable the reader to draw from the New Testament Scriptures the meaning intended by the apostles.

Note: Common Sense is now out of print. As we still continue to receive many requests for it, we have decided to publish a PDF version of it on a CD-ROM disc for our readers.
1 CD-ROM disc.

S-Dictionary-new-1.jpg Early Christians Special: Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs - 50% Off
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David W. Bercot, editor. This scholarly work collects together over 7000 quotations from the writings of the early Christians, arranged alphabetically by topic. Find out what the early Christians believed on various doctrines and lifestyle issues.

Each quotation contains a citation back to the volume and page where the quotation can be found in the Ante-Nicene Fathers set. So this work also serves as an excellent index to the Ante-Nicene Fathers. A must for every pastor and serious Bible student.
704 pp. hardback.

S-Eusebius.jpg Early Christians Special: Eusebius--History of the Church - 50% Off!
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C. F. Cruse, Trans. Here is the history of the early church from the close of the Book of Acts up to the time of Constantine. This is the complete, unabridged version in a modern translation. 477 pp. Hardback.

S-Eusebius-MP3.jpg Early Christians Special: MP3 Disc: Eusebius' Church History
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The book of Acts records nothing beyond the first 30 years of the Church, and it contains very little information about any of the apostles, other than Peter and Paul. To learn anything at all about the other apostles and their disciples, we must turn to Eusebius’ matchless record of early Church history. Don’t have time to read Eusebius? You can now listen to Eusebius while driving or performing other tasks. This is the complete, unabridged version of Eusebius. ... more.
1 MP3 disc. 15 hrs.

Eusebius - Sample

S-Intimacy-with-God-MP3.jpg $3.95 MP3 CD: Intimacy With God
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What does it mean to really know God? If you have sat at the feet of a respected Christian teacher in the second century, what would you have learned about God? Clement of Alexandria was such a teacher. Here are insights on what it truly means to know God intimately. Among the topics that Clement discusses are: the proper use of wealth, true and false repentance, separation from the world, and love.
1 MP3 Disc Unabridged Audio book $4.95
S-Let-Me-Die-Audio.jpg Sale: Let Me Die in Ireland: Audio Book - 40% Off
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Let Me Die in Ireland is the authentic, stirring account of the man that many know as Saint Patrick, one of the greatest missionaries of all time. His life is a compelling testimony to the incredible power of the gospel when preached by a man of integrity. He have up a comfortable life as an upper class citizen of Roman Britain to live in poverty, suffering, and constant danger in Ireland. Forsaking all, he brought Christ's love to the hated enemies of his own people - to the very nation who had once kidnapped and enslaved him. Although ridiculed and rejected by his own people in Britain, Patrick changed the course of an entire nation.
This audiobook contains two 70 min CDs

S-Patrick-Greatest-Missiona.jpg $3.95 Sale CD: Patrick: The Greatest Missionary Since Paul
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The man known today as St. Patrick was one of the most effective missionaries who has ever lived. In this enthralling CD, Bercot tells the amazing story of the life of Patrick. This is not a retelling of the silly legends about Patrick that fill so many books. Rather, this is the story of the real man, based solely on Patrick’s own autobiography. Patrick was originally taken to Ireland as a captive slave. The account of his escape, more.

55 min. audio CD

S-Search-for-12.jpg Early Christians Special: Search for the 12 Apostles - 20% Off
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W. S. McBirnie What really happened to the twelve apostles? Where did they go and what did they do? McBirnie begins where Acts leaves off, revealing the extensive ministry of the apostles during the 1st century.312 pp. Paper.

S-Spirit-of-EC.jpg $3.95 Sale: CD: The Spirit of Early Christianity
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D. Bercot. In the 1990’s, David Bercot used to travel and lecture on the topic of “The Spirit of Early Christianity.” Now Bercot has revisited that subject and prepared a new message on that same topic—incorporating much of his original material, supplemented by what he has learned over the past eighteen years.

There were distinguishing characteristics of Christianity when it was still young. However, many of those earmarks have been lost over the centuries. But it is not too late to recover them!
70 min. audio CD

S-Solomon-Guide-Worship Sale: Solomon's Guide To Worship Disorders - New
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Thomas C Johnson.God Created people to worship and serve...Him. But Adam and everyone since have chosed to worship and serve other gods. God Call this idolatry, and its results in "disorders" of that worship and service He intended. (A topical arrangement of Proverbs)

250 pp. Paperback

S-Vision-Kingdom-Christianity.jpg Sale: A Vision of Kingdom Christianity
$7.95 $4.95 On Sale! Be the first one to write a review

David Robertson. Could it be that God is calling us to a higher, closer walk with Him? In the years since Jesus Christ walked this earth, those who call themselves Christians have taken many different paths. Just what is God's design for the kingdom of His dear Son? The author invites you to step back for a moment and ponder deeply and carefully as he leads you through the Scriptures, pointing out often-neglected or forgotten truths of this glorious kingdom.
204 pp. Paper. $7.99.