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Dented-Books.jpg Every time we receive a new shipment of books or music CDs, we invariably find that some of the books have dented corners (or some other blemish) and that some of the music CDs arrive with slight cracks in their cases. So twice a year, we offer these less-than-perfect items to our customers at discount prices.

These blemishes are all cosmetic, and they do not affect the readability of the books or the playability of the music CDs. The quantities of these blemished items are extremely limited, and they are being sold on a first come, first served basis.

If you attempt to place one of these sale items in your shopping cart and it will not go into your cart, it means that we have sold out of that title but have not yet had time to remove it from our specials page.
S-Change-of-Allegiance.jpg Dent Sale: A Change of Allegiance - 50% Off
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What should a Christian do with Jesus' words, "Love your enemies?" Is it all right for a Christian to go to war? Doesn't a Christian have an obligation to defend his country? Dean Taylor and his wife Tania were both in the U. S. Army when they realized that, as committed Christians, they had to come to grip with these questions in a new and sincere quest for truth. They were determined ... more.
S-Eusebius-MP3.jpg Blemished MP3 CD Sale: Eusebius' Church History
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(This CD has a misspelled work - Eusbius). The book of Acts records nothing beyond the first 30 years of the Church, and it contains very little information about any of the apostles, other than Peter and Paul. To learn anything at all about the other apostles and their disciples, we must turn to Eusebiusí matchless record of early Church history. Donít have time to read Eusebius? You can now listen to Eusebius while driving or performing other tasks. This is the complete, unabridged version of Eusebius. ... more.
1 MP3 disc. 15 hrs.

Eusebius - Sample

S-Kingdom-Upside-Down-new.jpg Dent Sale: The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down - 50% Off!
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David Bercot.
In The Kingdom that Turned the World Upside Down, Bercot takes the reader back to Jesus' teachings of the kingdom - teachings that have too often been forgotten. Bercot describes the radically new laws of the kingdom and its upside-down values. There's no room in Christ's kingdom for superficial Christianity, for this is a kingdom that has historically turned the world upside down. more
288 pp. Paperback.

S-Patrick-New.jpg Dent Sale: Let Me Die in Ireland - 50% Off!
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David W. Bercot. Let Me Die in Ireland cuts through all of the myths about Patrick and presents a dramatized biography of the authentic Christian missionary, Patrick. The story of the real man is far more exciting and inspiring than any of the myths about him. Patrick was one of the greatest missionaries of all time and a true man of prayer and integrity. A narrative you won't soon forget.
192 pp. paper.

S-Little-Blue-Sunbonnet.jpg Dent Sale: Pathway: The Little Blue Sunbonnet
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Rebecca Martin. This is the 5th book in the "Nancy Martin" series. When Nancy takes care of 3-year-old Joy Smith, she does not realize that many years later Joy will return as a teenager and want to stay.
264 pp. Hardback.

S-Plain-Speaking Dent Sale: Plain Speaking - 50% Off
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David Bercot. Plain Speaking: How to Preach and Teach Effectively takes the reader through all of the steps of developing and delivering an effective sermon or devotional message. Some of the topics covered are: making eye contact with your listeners, using illustrations, controlling speakerĀ's fright, and rousing introductions and conclusions.
152 pp. Paper.

S-Secrets-of-Kingdom-Life.jpg Dent Sale: Secrets of the Kingdom Life
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David Bercot. Secrets of the Kingdom Life was written to make the reader hungry for a deeper walk with Christ. Among other things, David Bercot shows the reader how to have a powerful devotional time with God each day and then to remain in communion with God throughout the day.
280 pp. Paper. $9.95

S-Solomon-Guide-Worship Dent Sale: Solomon's Guide To Worship Disorders - New
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Thomas C Johnson.God Created people to worship and serve...Him. But Adam and everyone since have chosed to worship and serve other gods. God Call this idolatry, and its results in "disorders" of that worship and service He intended. (A topical arrangement of Proverbs)

250 pp. Paperback

S-Practice-of-Presence-New.jpg Dent Sale: Practice of the Presence of God - 75% Off
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Brother Lawrence

Although a humble cook, Brother Lawrence learned the greatest secret of living in the Kingdom of God here on earth: communing with the Lord throughout our daily tasks. He mastered the art of living in the presence of God throughout the day. As he exclaimed, "I am doing now what I will do for all eternity. I am blessing God, praising Him, adoring him, and loving Him with all my heart."
95 pp. Paperback.
S-Vision-Kingdom-Christianity.jpg Dent Sale: A Vision of Kingdom Christianity
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David Robertson. Could it be that God is calling us to a higher, closer walk with Him? In the years since Jesus Christ walked this earth, those who call themselves Christians have taken many different paths. Just what is God's design for the kingdom of His dear Son? The author invites you to step back for a moment and ponder deeply and carefully as he leads you through the Scriptures, pointing out often-neglected or forgotten truths of this glorious kingdom.
204 pp. Paper. $7.99.

S-Land-of-Affliction.jpg Dent Sale: Pathway: Land of My Affliction
$4.75 $3.00 On Sale! Be the first one to write a review

Readers of Pathway's magazine, Young Companion, will need no introduction to this story which appeared as a serial in the magazine. It's the story of a young man named Mike, who struggles intensely for victory in his Christian life°™especially in his relationship with other youth and his stepmother. more.
171 pp. Sewn paperback.