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What The Early Christian Believed CD Series Sale

July is our annual Sale on What The Early Christians Believed CD Series. To take advantage of this sale, you must order from our July Specials page.

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Change of Allegiance Symposium
Inspiring New CD Set from Dean Taylor!

In late 2015, Taylor led an inspiring symposium on nonresistance that included three stirring messages from Taylor, as well as three informative Q&A sessions. In this six-CD set, Taylor takes the listener through the Scriptures, early church history, and his own personal experiences to demonstrate that true Christianity is incompatible with involvement in war, the military, and governmental politics. Change of Allegiance Symposium.Also available on DVDs.

Lenape Indians
Free Book
Historic Indian Novel by James Landis

This book is about Indian sagas, describing the original Lenape tribal homeland in Pennsylvania, and the heroic efforts of their great chiefs to preserve it amid the wonders and terrors brought by the European settlers. Extensive discussion of the interaction of the Lenape Indians with the Quakers and Mennonites. Well-researched historical novel. Volume 2 is absolutely free with the purchase of any item on our website. To read more about this free book, go to Lenape Indian Book

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