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May CD Set Sale

During May, all of our large CD sets (4 CDs or more) are on sale at 25% off of their normal price. This includes our MP3 sets as well. On our large sets, this brings down the price per CD to only $2.95 each. In fact, during May you can build your own 20 CD set or 40 CD set at $2.95 per CD, choosing which particular CDs you want in your set. To read more about our CD Set Special, click on May Specials either here or at the top of this page.

early Christianity
Secrets of the Kingdom Life
New Book by David Bercot!

David Bercotís new book, Secrets of the Kingdom Life, is now available in print. Bercot wrote this book to make the reader hungry for a deeper walk with Christ. Among other things, he shows the reader how to have a powerful devotional time with God each day and then to remain in communion with God throughout the day. To order a copy, simply click on the following link: Secrets of the Kingdom Life.

Kingdom Christianity
A Vision of Kingdom Christianity
New Book by David Robertson

Could it be that God is calling us to a higher, closer walk with Him? In the years since Jesus Christ walked this earth, those who call themselves Christians have taken many different paths. Just what is God's design for the kingdom of His dear Son? The author invites you to step back for a moment and ponder deeply and carefully as he leads you through the Scriptures, pointing out often-neglected or forgotten truths of this glorious kingdom.
204 pp. Paper. $7.99. To learn more, please click on the following link: A Vision of Kingdom Christianity.

Welcome to the website for Scroll Publishing Co. We are a small publisher of Christian books and recorded teaching CDs. But these are not ordinary books and CDs.

Our books and CD messages challenge our readers to return to the historic Christian faith that focused on an enduring love-faith relationship with Jesus Christ and obedience to His Kingdom teachings.

Our commitment to you is to publish books and recorded messages that combine intellectual honesty, spiritual integrity, and sound scholarship. We are not affiliated with or beholden to any denomination, church, or religious organization. So we don't have to alter historical evidence in order to please someone else. We seek only to please Christ with what we publish.

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