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The Moravian Mission Machine
New DVD Documentary!

On Christmas Eve, 1741, the Moravians founded Bethlehem, PA. The brothers and sisters there lived communally. The main purpose of this community was to provide the funding and training to send missionaries out to the Indians. This is the exciting story of a people giving all for Christ. For more information click here

Bent & Dent Sale

From time to time, the new books and music CDs we order arrive with small cosmetic dings or slightly cracked cases. Twice a year we offer these less-than-perfect books and CDs to our customers at discounts from 20% up to 80% off. To see these specials, just click on September Specials!! above.

early Christianity
A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs
Now Available on Kindle!

For years, we have hoped Hendrickson Publishers would issue an electronic version of the Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs. So we’re happy to announce that the Dictionary is now available as a Kindle book for only $10.49. You can check it out by clicking on the following link, which will take you directly to the product on the Amazon Kindle site:  

Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs

Welcome to the website for Scroll Publishing Co. We are a small publisher of Christian books and recorded teaching CDs. But these are not ordinary books and CDs. Our books and CD messages challenge our readers to return to the historic Christian faith that focused on an enduring love-faith relationship with Jesus Christ and obedience to His Kingdom teachings.

Our commitment to you is to publish books and recorded messages that combine intellectual honesty, spiritual integrity, and sound scholarship. We are not affiliated with or beholden to any denomination, church, or religious organization. So we don't have to alter historical evidence in order to please someone else. We seek only to please Christ with what we publish.

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