It's Not Your Business - New

Gary Miller. We rush off to work each morning and wonder Ė are we too focused on making a living? Our occupations take so much time and energy. Are our lives out of balance?

As followers of Jesus, how involved in business should we be? Should we participate in capitalistic Americaís feverish pursuit of profit and business growth? If not, how do we survive? Surely the Lord wants us to provide for our families!

But could God have a deeper purpose for our businesses than we have realized? What if occupational life, from Godís perspective, is intended to play a prominent role in His Kingdom?

In this last book of the Kingdom-Focused Living series, Gary Miller looks for answers to these questions. Whether you own a business or work for someone else, Itís Not Your Business will cause you to examine your occupation from a different perspective. Prepare to be challenged!

250 pp paper
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