Hymns of the Church


John D. Martin, compiler. Lovingly compiled over a period of 10 years, Hymns of the Church contains 1015 hymns specially chosen for the rich content of timeless truths they express. Among these hymns are songs that reflect a distinct Anabaptist emphasis on the Lordship of Christ, discipleship, obedience, cross-bearing, separation from the world, nonresistance, and the present Kingdom of God. This hymnal features more than 65 Anabaptist hymn writers and composers.

From the Introduction:

Godís people have often summoned His presence with song. When Solomon dedicated the Temple, the glory of the Lord filled the house of God precisely when the singing began. Christians who sing experience Godís continual guidance, blessing, and presence.

In the battle against powerful spiritual foes, singing is not an optional activity for the Christian. Indeed, for our great benefit, God commands us to sing in many of the 300 references to song in the Bible. The Christian who has no song is spiritually handicapped. Hymns of the Church was compiled to equip Godís people with songs for victory in every situation. Therefore, we urge all Christians everywhere to sing in every circumstance.

941 pp. Hardback.

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