DVD Video-Debate on Nonresistance


Can Christians participate in war? On March 28, 2014, this question was debated in Faneuil Hall in Boston. Arguing that Christians cannot and must not participate in war were David Bercot and Dean Taylor. Arguing for the position that Christians can participate in a “just war” were Dr. Peter Kreeft and Dr. Daryl Charles.

This debate was no mere intellectual exhibition. It was an important defense of the Kingdom teachings of Jesus. The entire debate is now available in video on a single DVD disc. Many of our listeners noted that the audio on the telephone broadcast on the night of the debate was very poor. In contrast, the audio on our DVD disc is very clear. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD help to defray the considerable costs of hosting and recording the debate.
2 hrs. DVD video disc

Note: This is a video DVD disc. If you want just the audio, that is available separately.
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