Orthodox Study Bible


We have decidedly mixed views about carrying the Orthodox Study Bible. We are opposed to all study BiblesóBibles that include interpretational comments alongside Godís inspired Word. We believe the Bible should speak for itself, without humans presuming to put their interpretations on the same page with inspired Scriptures.

Having said that, the Orthodox Study Bible contains one of the best and most readable translations of the Septuagint available. (This is an English translation of the St. Athanasius Academy Septuagint.) As an added bonus, it also includes the New King James Version for the New Testament. So the reader has the entire Bible used by the early Christians in one volume. It includes the books commonly known as the "Apocrypha," which were part of the Septuagintal canon. This work would have our unqualified endorsement if not for the extensive commentary notes, plus a few scattered icon pictures. Some of our readers will be able to overlook these matters. Others will be better off choosing one of the other Septuagint translations that we offer.
1822 pp. Hardback.
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