DVD Set: Change of Allegiance Symposium

A Change Of Allegiance: Choosing The Way Of Peace
Live Video Recording of a Challenging Symposium on Nonresistance

“What if Jesus really meant every word He said?”
“Can a person be a follower of Christ without following Christ?”

In late 2015, Taylor led an inspiring symposium on nonresistance that included three stirring messages from Taylor, as well as three informative question-and-answer sessions. In this DVD set, Taylor takes the listener through the Scriptures, early church history, and his own personal experiences to demonstrate that true Christianity is incompatible with involvement in war, the military, and governmental politics. Instead, Christians need to follow the teachings and example of Jesus in loving our enemies.

Dean Taylor is a renowned Bible teacher and author of the book, A Change of Allegiance. He and his wife, Tania, were both soldiers and musicians in the U.S. Army. In their quest for truth, they were determined to follow Jesus Christ under the banner “no compromise.” They realized that, as committed Christians, their full allegiance needed to be to the Kingdom of God. Embracing the doctrine of nonresistance and the way of peace, they sought release from the military and were eventually honorably discharged as conscientious objectors.

DVD set $13.95

Note: This DVD set is not an audio or video version of Taylor’s book, A Change of Allegiance.

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Please write a review | No reviews for this product.