Nery Hernández
March, 2015

Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me." Matt. 25:40

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Honduras microloan Recently, Nery Hernández, a local carpenter, received a loan from the Society of the Good Shepherd. He is married and has three boys—ages 10, 15, and 17. He is also an active member of a local congregation, where he serves both in music ministry and in maintenance of their church building.

Honduras microloan Nery started learning the carpenter trade as a teenager, and he has now been a carpenter for over 20 years. Carpentry has not only provided Nery with a living, but it is something he really enjoys doing. In 2009, Nery decided it was time to open his own shop, as he needed a better income to support his growing family. His small shop was doing relatively well, but he soon ran into the same problem nearly every small business owner in Honduras runs into: lack of capital. When he purchased lumber, paint, varnish and other materials, Nery only had the funds to purchase small quantities of these items. As a result, he was paying a high price for his materials. Yet, his shop didn’t earn enough for him to be able to save up funds to purchase his materials in bulk.

Honduras microloan Then Nery heard about the ministry of the Society, and so he applied for a microloan. With the money from the loan, Nery is now able to buy materials like wood, paint, sealer, etc. in bulk and thereby purchase them at heavily discounted prices. This allows him to earn more profit on each job he does.

When I visited his shop recently, Nery told me how grateful he is for the interest-free loan he has received. He said it is nearly impossible nowadays to get a loan anywhere without paying a huge amount of interest—and putting up substantial collateral. As a result, he said, many small business owners like himself end up losing everything when they borrow money from a bank.

Honduras microloan It is truly a blessing to see how a small loan to one family can end up helping many families. For example, in Nery’s case, not only is his family being blessed, but also the families of the three other men who work in his shop. As Nery’s shop has grown, he has been able to provide employment for others.

Please pray with us for Nery and his family as they continue to serve the Lord in their congregation and manage the family business.

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