Villa del Cerro
May, 2015

Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me." Matt. 25:40

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Honduras microloan In the United States, most elderly people who are unable to live alone are able to move in with their children or live in a nursing home. Medicare usually pays for the cost of the nursing home. In Honduras, most families likewise care for their elderly. However, in the past several decades, there has been a growing trend for young people to move off to the cities and abandon their parents in the countryside and smaller towns. Since there is no Medicare in Honduras, there is often no place for the elderly to go. Many of the elderly spend their final months or years out on the streets.

Honduras microloan Their plight moved a Christian doctor in Siguatepeque, Dr. Correa, to start an old folks home for indigent elderly people. The home is located in the countryside, right out of town. The home is unable to provide any skilled nursing care, but the residents are given a clean place to live with healthy meals. The caretakers also do their laundry for them. The residents at the home pay nothing to live there. Dr. Correa has taken in people off the street who were literally dying, and he has eased their final days in comfort and dignity. Villa del Cerro has no organization or church that sponsors it. It depends solely upon free will donations from individuals to keep it running.

Honduras microloan Villa del Cerro currently has 21 residents, both men and women. Among the residents are a man with multiple sclerosis and an elderly father with his adult, Down’s-syndrome son. There are four caretakers who live at the home. They prepare the meals, do laundry and cleaning, and take care of other needs for the residents. At the present time, these caretakers live in the sleeping quarters with the residents. However, Dr. Correa would like to provide the caretakers with a place of their own to live in on the premises. This will make it easier to retain good caretakers, and it will also open space in the sleeping quarters for more residents.

To that end, the Society of the Good Shepherd is working with Villa del Cerro to build quarters for the caretakers. In March we were able to begin work on these quarters. A group of Mennonite youth from Pennsylvania went down to Honduras and began work on this project. They obtained the use of a backhoe, and in just a few days were able to accomplish an enormous amount. They were able to pour the foundation for the building and lay the concrete blocks and bricks for the first story before returning to the States. The sisters who came down were able to give Villa del Cerro a thorough spring cleaning.

Honduras microloan So we are now ready to construct the second story. To do this, we need both volunteers and funds. Thankfully construction costs are relatively inexpensive in Honduras. In fact, it looks like we can complete the building for only about $5000. It would be a blessing to all if we could complete the caretaker quarters this summer. David Bercot

The Society of the Good Shepherd, P. O. Box 122, Amberson, PA 17210 • (717) 349-7033

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