Francisco Meza
December, 2017

Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me." Matt. 25:40

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Honduras microloan

Francisco Meza—better know as “Paco”—has been a tremendous aid to the Society of the Good Shepherd through the years. He owns a welding shop, and he has helped the Society when we have needed various welding projects done on our construction projects for the poor. He has also helped to transport the Society’s work crews when they come to Honduras. Paco started his welding shop back in 1995. Through his hard work and the blessings of the Lord, Paco’s welding business has grown, and he has developed a reputation for quality work in the Siguatepeque area.

Honduras microloan Paco does a variety of jobs through his welding shop. He makes and installs metal garage doors, metal gates, burglar bars, and handmade special locks. In addition, he does welding on cars, installs mufflers, and makes certain parts for cars that can’t be easily obtained in Siguatepeque. When it comes to cars, Paco has three different auto repair shops he does work for.

Through his welding shop, Paco has been able to support his wife Dilian and their four children. However, this has not been easy. In Honduras, welding does not pay anywhere near what it pays in the United States. In addition, Paco has a lot of competition from other welders. On a number of occasions, Paco has lost bids on jobs to make and install metal gates and garage doors because he didn’t have the equipment to make certain parts for these gates and doors. In order to make those parts, he needed a metal lathe.

Honduras microloan A metal lathe is a tool that allows the user to take any shape in metal and turn it into a cylindrically symmetric object. Among other things, lathes are used to make special parts for cars, machines, doors, and locks. They can also be used to craft special bolts, knife handles, candlesticks, tap drills, bike handle bar ends, pen casings, and many other objects.

About a year ago, Paco approached the Society about obtaining a loan to purchase a metal lathe. We looked into the costs of new metal lathes—both in Honduras and the United States. However, in the end, both Paco and the directors of the Society felt that the cost of a new metal lathe was too great. However, the Lord enabled us to find a good used metal lathe for about $1700. The Society made an interest-free loan to Paco in this amount, and he was able to purchase the lathe.

The lathe is already earning money for Paco. He is now able to acquire jobs that he used to lose to others because of not having a lathe. We feel very blessed to help Paco in this way, which was made possible through the donations of our readers.

Honduras microloan However, Paco’s life is not all about business. He has been a spiritually devout and hardworking member of his local congregation for many years. He serves his church as a Bible study leader, Sunday school superintendent, and as part of the music ministry. Paco asked us to thank the donors that made his loan possible, and he asks that we pray that God will continue to bless his small business and his ministry in the church.

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