Spiritual Life In Anabaptism


Cornelius J Dyck

Spiritual Life In Anabaptism Christians searching for a closer walk with God have tended to ignore Anabaptism--the tradition which includes such groups as Mennonites and Brethren. From the 16th century to the present, many people have associated Anabaptism with ethics rather than a vibrant faith. That's an incomplete picture, Cornelius J. Dyck believes. Through this collection of writings by early Anabaptist leaders, he shows that they had much to say about knowing God and trusting in Jesus. Spiritual Life in Anabaptism speaks to readers of all backgrounds who want to ponder faith and its relation to prayer, Bible reading, church involvement, work life, and other day-to-day issues. Selections by Menno Simons, Pilgram Marpeck, Balthasar Hubmaier, and many more offer wisdom that can help guide Christians into the next century.

311 pp. paperback.
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