CD Set: Was Jesus the First Feminist?

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Was Jesus the First Feminist?
Or, How to Fabricate History

Many Christian books and commentators today portray Jesus as the first feminist. They claim Jesus ushered in a new era for women. “But Jesus didn’t teach feminism,” someone might object. He introduced a number of new teachings to mankind, but He never said a single word indicating that God’s order of headship needed changing. So how could anyone possibly argue that Jesus was the first feminist? If you’re willing to bend the facts and fabricate history, it isn’t difficult at all.

Modern commentators typically point to the Mishnah to argue that Jesus’ treatment of women was nothing short of revolutionary in His day. However, Bercot goes to the Mishnah itself to show that such commentators typically have never even read it. He demonstrates how feminists and modern commentators have fabricated history in an attempt to show that Jesus overthrew the very order of headship that He—as our Creator—instituted.
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CD Set: Was Jesus the First Feminist? CD Set: Was Jesus the First Feminist?
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CD Set: Was Jesus the First Feminist?
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CD Set: Was Jesus the First Feminist?
A valuable resource

Terms have been coined to describe two worldviews concerning men and women: Egalitarian (those who promote equal treatment for all people regardless), and Complementarian (those who believe that men and women have equal status / value, but have complementary roles in society, especially in marriage. On this subject, David brings out a satisfyingly complete overview of history, both sacred and secular, showing that 1984's Winston Smith, a history fabricator in literature, is a good representative of an entire movement in the Occident. Bottom line is that if we immerse our minds and hearts in Scripture, relying on the promised Holy Spirit's guidance, we will more easily avoid the powerfully seductive influences all around us.
We found this CD set very helpful, well-researched and insightful, reminding us that it's not "culture itself" but Nature Itself (and who created Nature?) that has established headship in society, church, and family. A well-known leader in Christian missions has announced that he now believes that there is no hierarchy in the Godhead, that the Trinity is in submission to each other, that yes, the Father sent His Son to die for us, but just as well the Son could have sent His Father to die for us.
We noticed years ago that the Feminist movement tried to pass an "Equal Rights Amendment" to our constitution; they used "equal" as a smokescreen to disguise their real objective: their being acknowledged as "equivalent / interchangeable." We see the widespread destruction of families and family members as this philosophy has been welcomed.
We share these CDs with anyone who loves the Truth and yearns to know so they can respond in love to propaganda.