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Taking the Kingdom Gospel to Africa

Kingdom Driven Ministries Scroll Publishing and the Society of the Good Shepherd are eager to spread the Kingdom message to all countries in the world. To this end, we have partnered with Kingdom Driven Ministries, who are planting churches in Kenya. They are using our publications to spread the Kingdom gospel in Kenya. In fact, they will shortly be beginning work to translate The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down into Swahili. Here is their mission statement:

Kingdom Driven Ministries (KDM) was established to advance the Kingdom of God, with specific emphasis on East Africa. Our mission is simple: “Expand the Kingdom of God locally and abroad through training, church planting, education, and ministering to the various diverse needs of the poor.”

Why Kenya?

Why have we specifically chosen Kenya? After all, Kenya is supposedly 80% Christian. That is more than the U.S.!

The answer is that while 80% of Kenyans are designated as Christian, only 7% of Kenyans actually attend church. Why such a discrepancy? For starters, in order to obtain government credentials (such as a passport), Kenyan citizens can produce a baptismal certificate in lieu of a birth certificate. A baptismal certificate is quite easy to obtain, and so the majority of Kenyans obtain one. The result? A VERY exaggerated claim of the number of Christians in the country.

Also, the Christianity we have mostly observed in Kenya is primarily a matter of cultural identity. For example, a person’s name may be either Mohamed or Paul (or Mary or Peter…). This identifies that person as either Muslim or Christian (culturally, that is). However, this does not mean that he or she is a bona fide follower of either Jesus Christ or Mohammed. Furthermore, as a former British colony, Kenyans were introduced to a Western model of Christianity. This has proven very ineffective at producing multi-generational, obedient followers of Christ. One purpose of Kingdom Driven Ministries is to reverse this trend, one disciple at a time.

Reaching All of East Africa

With all that said, Kenya is not our only goal! We want to use Kenya as a strategic home base to reach all of East Africa. Kingdom Driven Ministries plans to use Kenya as a stable platform from which to launch other inter-Africa missions.

Kingdom Driven Ministries Yes, Kenya is just the beginning. We first want to reach those Africans who speak Swahili. With just that one language, we can reach into Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Madagascar, Mozambique, Central African Republic, Malawi, and Somalia. Also, many in the Democratic Republic of Congo also speak Swahili. So with just one language in addition to English, we can reach out to over 10 additional countries! But it does not stop there.

Kenya is strategically located bordering the so-called 10/40 window. The “10/40 window” refers to those regions of the eastern hemisphere, plus the African part of the western hemisphere, located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. This area has a high level of poverty and minimal access to the Christian gospel. Kenya is an ideal location as a staging ground for missionaries to launch into the unreached or difficult-to -reach regions within the 10/40 window.

Kingdom Expansion

The work of KDM falls into two categories: Kingdom Expansion and Kingdom Empowerment. Jesus said, “I must preach the kingdom of God to the other cities also, for I was sent for this purpose” (Luke 4:43). So our primary focus is likewise on preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. This goes along with church planting, relationship-building, teaching practical skills, and helping the poor. Kingdom Expansion also includes discipleship, church planting, and providing vital resources such as Bibles and tracts.

Kingdom Empowerment Ministries

KDM has also established a number of Kingdom Empowerment ministries. These include providing vocational training, orphan care, and community health evangelism (CHE) to needy Kenyans. This ministry to the poor is rooted in obedience to Jesus Christ, specifically His teachings in the Sermon on the Mount. We have a vision to see Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-35 being lived out among the body of Christ worldwide.

The needs are great in East Africa. Even though our highest priority is meeting people’s spiritual needs, we can’t overlook their physical needs. However, their needs are far beyond our limited resources. Therefore, to have a substantial and lasting impact, we are trying to implement organic and reproducible practices that are self-perpetuating, without the necessity of continual outside resources. The following is what KDM is presently working on:

Kingdom Driven Ministries To begin with, there is an orphan crisis in Kenya. KDM is implementing a family-like foster care system (kind of a micro-orphanage) that is self-sustaining through local enterprise and local churches.

KDM would also like to launch a vocational training center. Secondary education (grades 9 through 12) is not free in Kenya, and so the poor only attend school through eighth grade. With employment running as high as 50%, jobs are scarce for persons with only a primary education. So KDM plans to provide curriculum and tutoring in a self-directed training center (like homeschooling), allowing students to learn a trade and receive an educational certificate.

Sustainable enterprise is also our mission. KDM wants to empower local Kenyans through finance and skills to start small businesses that would, in turn, be the impetus to launch other small enterprises. This is similar to the work that the Society of the Good Shepherd is presently doing in Honduras.

Finally, KDM would like to work in the future with partners to implement Community Health Evangelism (CHE), to empower Kenyans to take command of their health and hygiene, both physically and spiritually, while ministering to those who are sick, injured, or dying.

Meet the Present Team

If you would like to learn more about the present workers in Kingdom Driven Ministries, we encourage you to visit their web pages, as followers:

The Marc Carrier Family

The Charlton Sweazy Family

Glenn Roseberry


Persons living in Kenya as missionaries are forbidden from earning income. Therefore, these workers rely on the Lord for provision, and oftentimes that comes from generous contributions from the saints. If you would like to see the Kingdom gospel spread throughout Africa, we encourage you to support the work of Kingdom Driven Ministries.

You can make donations directly through the KDM website or through Scroll Publishing below. Whether you donate through the KDM website or through Scroll Publishing, your contributions are 100% tax deductible.

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To learn more about Kingdom Driven Ministries, we encourage you to visit their website:

Kingdom Driven Ministries

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