Bookstore Discounts

We offer discounts to qualified bookstores on the books and teaching CDs that we publish. Our discount schedules are set forth below.

You can order our products at bookstore discounts directly from this page. Or, you may phone in your order to 717-349-7033 or fax in your order to 717-349-7558.

Discounts on Books

5-9 books:         40%
10-24 books:     42%
25-49 books:     45%
50-99 books:     50%
100 books +:     55%

Titles of books may be mixed for discount. Shipping is additional.

Note: These discounts apply only to the books listed below. The other books listed on our site are not published by us.
  • A Change of Allegiance
  • Glories Seen and Unseen
  • Greatest Christian Stories Ever Written
  • In God We Don’t Trust
  • Intimacy with God
  • The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down
  • Let Go
  • Let Me Die in Ireland
  • Practice of the Presence of God
  • Through the Eye of a Needle
  • We Don‛t Speak Great Things—We Live Them
  • Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up
  • Will the Theologians Please Sit Down

Discounts on Teaching CDs
Titles of teaching CDs can be mixed to obtain these discounts.

5-9 copies       40%
10-24 copies     42%
25-49 copies     45%
50+ copies       50%

Shipping is additional.


How To Order

For bookstore orders, you will need to either phone in your order to (717) 349-7033 or you may fax in your order to (717) 349-7558. Thank you.