Sunday School Class Discounts

To obtain discounts on your order for a Sunday School or Bible study class, you must phone in your order to 717-349-7033.

Discounts on Books

1-4 books:         25%
5-9 books:         40%
10-24 books:     42%
25-49 books:     45%
50-99 books:     50%
100 books +:     55%

Titles of books may not be mixed for these discounts. Shipping is additional.

Note: These discounts do not apply to the Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs, which is already discounted. Rather, they apply only to the books listed below:
  • The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down
  • Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up
  • Let Me Die in Ireland
  • We Don‛t Speak Great Things—We Live Them
  • The One Who Knows God
  • Common Sense

To order, call (717) 349-7033.