The Pilgrim Road

This unique devotional work collects together the early Christiansf best insights, reflections, and practical counsel on godly living, prayer, endurance, love, and the inner life. It reflects the spiritual depth and wisdom of men who lived totally for Christ. It enables the reader to taste first hand the fresh, untainted spirit of early Christianity.

Some of the chapter titles are:

œ   On Spiritual Growth
œ   Separation from the World
œ   Love Your Enemies
œ   Obedience and Testing
œ   Repentance
œ   On Death and Dying
œ   The Godly Use of Wealth
œ   Counsel to Church Leaders
œ   Recognizing the Creator

182 pp. Paper.
The Pilgrim Road The Pilgrim Road
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The Pilgrim Road
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The Pilgrim Road
Pilgrim Road
I read this book right after it was first published, and was sad when it was discontinued. Now that it is back in print . . . hurray!