Plain Things Subscription

Plain Things Magazine Subscription

Our Anabaptist friends at the Christian community in Caneyville, KY, are publishing a new bi-monthly magazine entitled Plain Things: Life and Thought in the Plain Community. In this context, “plain” refers to the conservative Anabaptist lifestyle. But you don’t have to be Mennonite or Amish to enjoy the magazine.

Plain Things is a newly started Old Order magazine published by the community at Caneyville, KY. Its subtitle is “Life and Thought in the Plain Community.” It is published bi-monthly, six issues per year. It differs from Family Life in that it is aimed almost entirely at adult readership, and it tends to address deeper and more controversial spiritual issues. In other words, the two magazines are complementary, rather than being in competition with one another.

Also, although the plain community at Caneyville is Old Order, with horses and buggies, the brothers and sisters in at are not all of an Old Order Amish background. Rather, they come from a mixture of Amish, German Baptist Brethren, and seeker backgrounds.

A one year subscription is $10. Please mail a check to address below.

Plain Things
1000 Choncie Lee Rd.
Caneyville, KY 42721