Update on Peter Hoover: July 18, 2010

Update on Peter Hoover: July 18, 2010

Dear friends,

Warm Greetings from Tasmania!

Last Friday, two days after Peter's brain surgery, a doctor walked into his ward, and was alarmed at his condition, and immediately ordered a CT scan to be done. A few minutes later another doctor came in and was also shocked, but relieved that the CT scan was under way. They did the scan, and thankfully found no abnormalities. Peter however had not been responsive for two days, and the brothers and sisters that are staying with him, had a very hard discouraging day. After I talked to Joey, on the phone on Friday night we quickly decided that we need to take some of the children to see their daddy.

After a five hour drive on Saturday morning we met with the other brothers and sisters, and went to see Peter. I had come mentally prepared for the worst, but when I greeted my dear brother laying there on the bed with his head swaying, and all the machines, monitors, beeping and graphing away, the magnitude of his situation descended heavily on my heart. Everything was just so different. Exactly one week earlier, I had taken him to the hospital in Burnie as a completely logical, clear minded brother, and now to see him in this state was a very heavy load to bear. There were ten of us around the bed at that moment, and we all decided to pray together with him. We sang a song, and stayed around until his midday rest time, and went to our hotel nearby to eat, and wait until visiting hours were open again.

When we walked into his ward that afternoon, we realized something BIG had happened to him while we were gone. The transition was absolutely amazing to see. Peter had his eyes open, looked straight at us, and was even trying to talk to us! He started recognizing some of us, and it felt like I was seeing a person come out of a dungeon that was just starting to remember his past life. He took his wife Susanne, and held here close, saying "I love it, I love it," over and over again, and then later tearfully did the same to many of the rest of us. During that evening, he was able to get his point across that he wants us to read the sermon on the mount, which Joey then did.

This morning when we came in, he had again improved a little, and by this evening, he said a sentence in his German mother tongue. Through out the last two days he has been mixing "gibberish" Spanish, German, French, and English together regularly, and between all of us we could usually figure out what he is trying to say.

One thing we are quite sure of by now is that his memory is as good and clear as it was before surgery. The doctors said the tumour was in the part of the brain that controls his speech, and obviously that’s why his vocabulary is still impaired. We were also unofficially advised this morning that the ten percent of the tumour still left in his brain is benign and that it will not require further treatment. That however, is still unofficial until the doctors get a written report about the CT scan pictures.

A very, very, big heartfelt THANK-YOU to all of you who have been praying on our behalf. May the Lord's name be praised for hearing our prayers. To those of you who have been writing personal letters to us, we also want to say thank-you. We have been reading some of them to Peter at the hospital as well.

In Christ,


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