Pathway: Books for Teens and Young Adults

S-Captain-Hans.jpg Pathway: A Captain for Hans - hardback
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Teens. Hans Miller, a teenager, is faced with a hard decision. All of his life, he has admired the Swiss Army and longs to someday become a captain in it. But his Anabaptist neighbors speak of a different army and its Captain. What should he do?
224 pp. Hardback.

S-Child-Training-new.jpg Pathway: Child Training
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Joseph Stoll. Nearly forty years have passed since this book was first published in 1976. Recently, the book was rewritten and updated. 263 pp. Hardcover

S-Footprints-in-sand-paperback.jpg Pathway: Footprints in the Sand - Paperback
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Rebecca Martin. This is the 2nd book in the "Nancy Martin" series. In this sequel to The Pineapple Quilt, Nancy Martin accompanies her brother to a new farm in a different Amish community. It has 27 chapters with such titles as "Haunted Blue Castle" and "From Cloud Nine to Number Six."
288 pp. Paperback.

S-Honey-Hive.jpg Pathway: Honey from the Hive
$10.45 Pathway: Honey from the Hive
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Joseph Stoll. 366 daily devotionals. Contains hundreds of real-life stories, Bible meditations, lessons from history, and more.
496 pp. Hardback.

S-Just-Sam.jpg Pathway: Just Sam and Other Stories
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This book contains a selection of fourteen stories for boys which appeared many years ago in two of Pathway's magazines: the first twelve appeared in Young Companion and the final tow in Family Life .
208 pages. Hardback.

S-LetThe-Sunlight-In.jpg Pathway: Let The Sunlight In
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Sara J. Yoder. This is a story about relationships. When Nettie unexpectedly receives a letter from Seth asking for her friendship, she does not know how to respond. So she goes to visit his cousin, Eva, seeking advice.
164 pages, sewn binding, gloss-laminated hardcover

S-Poster Poetry.jpg Pathway: Poster Poetry
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The material for this booklet was solicited from the readers of Original Poetry (now renamed Ink and Quill Quarterly) and later handed over to Pathway to compile.
Permission is granted for teachers to photocopy or enlarge the artwork if they desire.
May this booklet provide a springboard from which many ideas bounce forth!

64 pp. Paper.

S-Twenty-Stories-paperback.jpg Pathway: Twenty Stories for Children - Paperback
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Inspirational for children and their parents. Many different authors have made this children's book a book that they will remember with love as they look back on their childhood in years to come. Includes hand-drawn illustrations.
160 pp. Paperback.