Pathway: Children's Fiction

S-Between-Heaven.jpg Pathway: Between Heaven and Earth
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Joseph Stoll. Levi Byler had grand dreams of going to college to be a doctor. However, his widowed mother and other Amish relatives tried to convince him not to go. Based on real-life events, but with many details changed. This book also includes eleven additional shorter stories.
211 pp. Hardback.

S-Captain-Hans.jpg Pathway: A Captain for Hans - hardback
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Teens. Hans Miller, a teenager, is faced with a hard decision. All of his life, he has admired the Swiss Army and longs to someday become a captain in it. But his Anabaptist neighbors speak of a different army and its Captain. What should he do?
224 pp. Hardback.

S-Child-Training-new.jpg Pathway: Child Training
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Joseph Stoll. Nearly forty years have passed since this book was first published in 1976. Recently, the book was rewritten and updated. 263 pp. Hardcover

S-Good-Times.jpg Pathway: Good Times With Isaac and Sarah
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This children's story was written by a horse-and-buggy Mennonite. It tells about life in the Central American country of Belize, where there are a variety of Mennonite settlements. Suitable for ages 5 through 7.
61 pp. Paper.

S-Just-Sam.jpg Pathway: Just Sam and Other Stories
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This book contains a selection of fourteen stories for boys which appeared many years ago in two of Pathway's magazines: the first twelve appeared in Young Companion and the final tow in Family Life .
208 pages. Hardback.

S-Lizzie Pathway: Lizzie (German language)
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Ages 6-8. Lizzie konnte kaum warten bis sie sechs Jahre alt war. Dann ware sie schon groses Madchen! Sie konnte bereits die Kuh melken und sogar in die Schule gehen.

Bis es aber soweit war, geschahen noch viele interessante Dinge in ihrem Heim. Sie ging mit ihren Eltern, Brudern und Schwestern zur Kirche. Sie gewann eine neue Freundin als Carrie sie besuchte.
174 pp. Paper.

S-Midnight-Test.jpg Pathway: Midnight Test
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Ages 6-8. This is a story about Amish school boys and the many lessons they learn as they go through boyhood.
233 pp. Paper.