MP3 Disc – Imitation of Christ - New!


Thomas A Kempis. Audio book. Thomas A Kempis was a serene and devoted man of God. He walked in the Lord’s presence and discovered priceless steps to becoming more like Christ daily. It would be hard to estimate the profound influence his insightful book has exercised through the Christian church for over 500 years. This audio version is a “Protestant-friendly” rendition of the Imitation of Christ, omitting some of the more controversial chapters about the priesthood and communion.

The narrator reads in a very clear voice with good articulation. However, he reads in a sober tone without a lot of animation. The King James Bible is used for all Scripture quotes, and some of the devotional language in the narration is in King James-style English.

MP3 Disc. 8 hrs. $4.95

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MP3 Disc – Imitation of Christ - New!