Do Followers of Jesus Fight?

E. Yoder and H. S. Bender. The early Christians considered nonresistance to be a fundamental aspect of Christianity. That’s because it was a teaching handed down by Jesus Himself. However, after the time of Constantine, the established Church lost this teaching.

Christians who are serious about their walk with Christ ask many sincere questions about nonresistance: When Jesus told His followers “not to resist evil,” did this mean they couldn’t go to war or practice self-defense? Did Jesus really mean for His disciples to take His words literally? Can a Christian practice nonresistance and still be obedient to Romans 12, which tells us to obey our government?

This work gives clear answers to tough questions such as these. In all, this booklet gives Scriptural answers to a total of 54 questions concerning war and nonresistance.

58 pp. Booklet.   $2.49
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Please write a review | No reviews for this product.