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S-Bohemian-Revival.jpg Birth, Life, and Death of the Bohemian Revival
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Mike Atnip. One of the kingdom movements that had a profound impact on western Christianity was the spiritual revolution in Bohemia that grew out of the reform movement of John Hus. The Bohemian revival gave birth to the Moravians, who were the pioneers in the great missionary movement that began in the 1700s. more.
155 pp. Paper.

S-Charting-Course-new.jpg Charting a Course in Your Youth
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Gary Miller. This timely book is a call to youth serious about following Jesus, especially in finances. The book is designed to help youth develop a Christ-centered focus early in life and find their way through societyís confusing swirl of gray. Using illustrations from his experience in flying airplanes, Gary points readers to timeless foundational Biblical truth. The many stories capture the readerís attention, and young people will find it engaging reading.
Softcover. | 224 pp.

S-Glories-s.jpg Glories Seen & Unseen
$7.95 Glories Seen & Unseen
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Glories Seen & Unseen by Warren Henderson is an insightful and challenging study of 1 Cor. 11 and what it teaches about the head covering. This is one of the most thoroughly researched works on the head covering that we have seen. Henderson looks not only at the Greek words, but also the practice of Christian women throughout church history.
160 pp. Paper.

S-Handmaiden-of-the-Lamb.jpg Handmaiden of the Lamb
$5.95 Handmaiden of the Lamb
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Through worldliness, spiritual pride, doubts, depression, and an extremely embarrassing failure of her church, God led a simple Moravian shepherdess into a leading position in one of the most ambitious, mission-minded movements of church history, The Renewed Moravian Brethren.

S-Hymns-of-Church.jpg Hymns of the Church
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John D. Martin, compiler. Lovingly compiled over a period of 10 years, Hymns of the Church contains 1015 hymns specially chosen for the rich content of timeless truths they express. Among these hymns are songs that reflect a distinct Anabaptist emphasis on the Lordship of Christ, discipleship, obedience, . . . more.

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S-Kingdom-Focused.jpg Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family
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Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family is easy to understand and enjoyable to read. It is Kingdom teaching for a Kingdom-focused people. Author Gary Miller disassembles our view of finances and carefully puts it all back together in a way that makes sense. With its common sense approach to personal finances and an emphasis on glorifying God, this book is realistic, humorous, and serious about helping us become stewards instead of owners.
S-Patrick-New.jpg Let Me Die in Ireland
$8.95 Let Me Die in Ireland
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David W. Bercot.

Practically everyone in the western world has heard of the man known today as St. Patrick. Yet, hardly anyone knows anything about the real man. About the only two things that most people "know" about Patrick is that he was Irish and that he was Roman Catholic. In truth, however, he was neither one.

Let Me Die in Ireland cuts through all of the myths about Patrick and presents a dramatized biography of the authentic Christian missionary, Patrick. The story of the real man is far more exciting and inspiring than any of the myths about him. Patrick was one of the greatest missionaries of all time and a true man of prayer and integrity. A narrative you won't soon forget. 192 pp. paper.

S-Other-Side-of-the-wall.jpg The Other Side of The Wall
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Other Side of the Wall
As Christians, we understand that we are all expected to be givers. Too often, though, we simply take the easy route of tossing money at problems without taking time to understand the underlying causes of poverty.
S-Plain-Speaking Plain Speaking
$7.95 Plain Speaking
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David Bercot. Plain Speaking: How to Preach and Teach Effectively takes the reader through all of the steps of developing and delivering an effective sermon or devotional message. Some of the topics covered are: making eye contact with your listeners, using illustrations, controlling speaker's fright, and rousing introductions and conclusions.
152 pp. Paper. $7.95

S-Poor-But-Clean.jpg Poor But Clean
$11.95 Poor But Clean
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Peter Hoover. This is the life story of Helena Wiebe Krahn, mother-in-law of Peter Hoover. She and her family lived in 20 different places in four countries before coming to Australia, where she now lives. Not only does the book reflect godly values being passed from one generation to the next, but it also includes a wealth of information about the Plautdietsch Mennonites from the Netherlands through Prussia, Russia, Canada, and Latin America during the past five centuries. One small story in the Lordís infinitely larger picture. Includes over 100 photos. more.
200 pp. Paper.

S-Scenes-from-David-Z.jpg Scenes from the Life of David Zeisberger
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Mike Atnip. Living in the midst of a water-downed "Christianity," the lives of consecrated men of valor ought to be continually laid before our eyes. We are in danger of thinking that our present lukewarmness is and always has been normal! The life of David Zeisberger, Moravian missionary, more.

52 pp. booklet.

S-Dore.jpg CD-ROM: Dore Art Prints
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Although many persons have drawn illustrations of Bible scenes, no one has ever equaled the genius of Gustave Dore. His black-and-white engravings vividly capture the intense drama of the Scriptures and have become well-known. This CD-ROM contains 102 JPEG images of his engraved scenes from the Bible. more.