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Reviews of Through the Eye of a Needle
Through the Eye of a Needle

I just finished reading your book. I have to say you have turned my world upside down with your radical book! I have lately been very burdened with our “stuff” and I’m always looking for ways to purge and give and I feel like the seed that was choked by the worries and cares of this life! I feel buried in cares and possessions which I would love to sell. Yet, the idea of doing it seems overwhelming! I really love your book and I agree with all that you bring out of the Scriptures.

My biggest question is how to live like this when everyone you know doesn’t? The early church was of one accord and they all shared and helped one another. If we give away our savings and our roof needs to be repaired in 3 years or our car of 15 years burns out, what do we do if everyone we know saves for themselves? I’m not trying to come up with excuses here. I’m just wondering how you can do this and not be a burden? Are there churches or communities of believers who live like this? We want to obey God’s commands. I guess we just need more faith to let go of the safety nets we’re used to having in place beneath us. Thank you so much for writing this book. We are passing it on!


I finished reading the book Through the Eye of a Needle last night. I say a great big “AMEN!!” Not that I have obeyed or am obeying this command of Jesus, but I plan to from now till Jesus comes. I would like to order 50 copies of that book as soon as I have finances available. I am a little overspent right now because I spent too much money accumulating things, of which things, the most expensive one, I did not need (a laptop computer.) I am consoling myself with the thought that maybe I can sell it. Back to the 50 books, where do I need to order them?


I was given your book Through the Eye of a Needle by a friend. The subject of how God wants us to use our finances has long been of concern to me. Somehow the answers excusing our hoarding of wealth always seemed a bit too glib. As I read the book, something within me said “Amen.” I was really blessed and I believe my life was changed through the truth in the book. Thanks for sharing on the subject.

Question: How much do the books cost, and how can I obtain about 30 copies? I would like to hand them out to some others in our church.

M. O.

I want to thank you for the effort and time you have invested into making this publication possible. I just finished reading the book and agree with everything 110%. The Bible says that the Word and the Spirit are one. God has taught me the same things through following Him through life without sitting down and doing the doctrinal study. The difference is, that up to this point, I just thought it was where I happened to come out, and really couldn’t have/wouldn’t have taught others, whereas now I will be able to teach others also.

I am excited because sound doctrine does truly give us a firm place to stand. I have ordered 20 copies (to get started) from Scroll Publishing. I have been wondering what are some the things preventing “believers” from becoming radical disciples of Jesus, completely sold out, and I have been suspicious that somehow this was related, but I can say now that I have read the book and come to a “more perfect” understanding, it all makes very clear sense to me.

I wish you God’s blessing and know that at least one young man was impacted by your book. Love in Christ.

M. W.

I have wanted to write to you for a long time. I discovered your stimulating and challenging book, Through the Eye of a Needle, in Haiti. I actually live in south Haiti and help with Gospel to Haiti mission program.

For years I have felt strongly that we do not really believe many of the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 6, etc. It seems that we really are not strangers and pilgrims here with a citizenship elsewhere. Years ago I taught school with John D. Martin at Paradise and we have shared our thinking over the years. (When in PA in early December John shared that he had, if I remember correctly, proofed your manuscript.) Anyway I have read and reread parts of the book and it has helped me crystallize my thinking and practice.

I am 73 years old. I have been in the mission field in Haiti for about ten years.


I’ve recently read your book, Through the Eye of the Needle , and wanted to thank you for writing it. A friend in France sent me the PDF file, and I have since learned that it has been recently published by Scroll Publishing. You did a great job explaining the truth of Jesus’ words.

One reason I was so interested in your book is because I have also written a book on the same theme some years ago with a very similar title: Through the Needle’s Eye, subtitled, An Impossible Journey Made Possible by God. If you are interested, you can read it online. It is also in printed form. You’ll find that we are on the same page regarding stewardship. And it is refreshing to find people like that!

God bless you, and may your work be fruitful!


Thank you for your book. I started reading it yesterday and finished today. It certainly makes me think. I currently work as a dentist and have just recently at age 38 began to make enough money to invest for retirement. I have always tithed and then some. And over the last few years have looked for opportunities to give my money and time more but your book is quite the paradigm shift. My thought was give away 10%, save 10% and be a good steward of the rest. My other thought was if I died with too much then put the money in a foundation to be given away after my death. I realize you may think this is not ideal. So it makes me think.

Thanks again. David Bercot has been a great example to me of Christian living, I am glad he recommended this book. I hope one day to hear God say to me, “Well done good and faithful servant.”


I read your book titled Through the Eye of the Needle” recently with relish. God began dealing with my heart as well as my life a number of years ago concerning this simple, clear, rather troublesome and largely ignored teaching of Jesus. Raised as a plain, Mennonite, American capitalist, there has had to be some pruning and burning done over the years to help me begin see the walk of faith for what it is in reality, but the Lord has be very faithful and merciful to me… and my long-suffering wife. J I am still only barely walking in this whole matter, so your treatise was a great encouragement to continue heavy investing in heavenly things.
Even here and now, the rewards of this kind of lifestyle are rich.

By the way, we are still plain, although my stand on this particular issue of non-accumulation has somewhat jeopardized my “Mennonite” standing. Frankly, since my values have changed, that doesn’t bother me… much. Treasure in heaven tends to place all other “valuables” in their proper perspective. However, I do find myself rather ill at ease in conversations with folks of my own background who frequently discuss matters of finance with a different emphasis than I.

May you continue walk in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, and God bless you.


I read your book over Easter and really appreciate what the Lord lead you to write. Although I share many or all of the principles and doctrine of non-accumulation, I had never seen it laid out in such a clear and balanced manner before. It is also very well written.

I must say that after 20 years on the mission field, I only discovered last year that many other mission organizations themselves take funds given to them and invest them in a variety of different worldly ways, including stocks, future markets, gold, real estate, etc. Some ministries have millions of dollars in “reserve” this way, which really amazed me when I found out. They told me they have done this because of their desire to be “wise stewards” of the money God has entrusted to them! I don’t know if this news is shocking to you, or not. It was to me!

P. H.

Through the Eye of a Needle