About Our Ministry

Scroll Publishing Co. is the publishing division of a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry: the Society of the Good Shepherd. The Society of the Good Shepherd was started in 1989 by a Christian attorney and two pastors. It's specific goals were two-fold:

  To publish Christian books that would challenge the rampant easy believism in today's church and would bring the witness of the early Christians to the attention of everyday Christians.

  To help the poor, particularly the poor in underdeveloped countries.

Today, these are still the two-fold goals of the Society of the Good Shepherd, as we continue to publish spiritually challenging books and audio CDs and as we work with the poor in Honduras. Both aspects of our ministry are supported by donations. The publishing division of the Society of the Good Shepherd is supported by a combination of donations and receipts from sales. The ministry in Honduras is totally supported by donations. Accordingly, if you can only support one aspect of our ministry, we encourage you to support our work with the poor in Honduras.

You can learn more both of these ministries and/or make donations by clicking on the appropriate links below.

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