Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs

A Dictionary Of
Early Christian Beliefs

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David W. Bercot, editor

What did the early Christians believe about gifts of the Spirit? Or footwashing? Or the rapture? What about the beast of Revelation or the antichrist? What did they believe the number 666 represented? What were their understandings of the major Christian doctrines, such as the Trinity, salvation, baptism, communion, and life after death?

This scholarly work collects together over 7000 quotations from the writings of the early Christians, arranged alphabetically by topic. More than 700 theological, moral, ecclesiastical, and historical topics are covered. It offers the user a unique window into the early Christian world. A must for every pastor and serious Bible student. 704 pp. hardback.

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What others are saying about A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs:

“David Bercot has done the church a great service in providing an accessible point of entry into the extant writings of the pre-Nicene church. ...Overall, Bercot is to be commended on this work. If it leads some into the riches of those whose thought-world and culture were similar to if not identical with that of the New Testament writers and who lived and worked much nearer to our sources than we do, then he has done a useful service for the church.” Evangelical Review of Theology

“This is an excellent and easy-to-use dictionary. It opens with a Who's Who among the Ante-Nicene Fathers and then moves to an alphabetic section of subjects that tells you what these ancient scholars believed and wrote. ...This is a must text for everyone interested in theology in general and especially historical studies.” The Conservative Theological Journal

“This book is basically an extended index to the ten-volume Library of Ante-Nicene Fathers, now also published by Hendrickson. The author has gone through these volumes and selected quotations according to subject matter, making it possible to see at a glance what the early Christians thought about such things as the mark of the beast and natural law, as well as more familiar topics like baptism and martyrdom." Ashland Theological Journal

“This is a very helpful one-volume reference work, which no theological library should be without." Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology

“Though an engineer by occupation, I have always loved studying the Bible. Since purchasing your Dictionary, I must tell you that I refer to that more than I do any other book or even internet site for original intent of subjects discussed in the Bible. It is without a doubt the best investment I've ever made in a book. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for your painstaking research into this book. Needless to say I will be purchasing your other books and I know I won't be disappointed." James L. McNulty

Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs
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$34.95 $19.95 On Sale! Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs
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David W. Bercot, editor. This scholarly work collects together over 7000 quotations from the writings of the early Christians, arranged alphabetically by topic. Find out what the early Christians believed on various doctrines and lifestyle issues. Each quotation contains a citation back to the volume and page where the quotation can be found in the Ante-Nicene Fathers set… more.
704 pp. hardback.