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S-Are-You-Really-Reading-Gods-Word CD: Are You Really Reading The Word Of God
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David Bercot. When we pick up our Bibles, we assume we are reading the Word of God. However, every translation is also an interpretation. That's because the text - Greek or Hebrew - can often be translated in different ways. Yet, the meaning of a verse can be very different, depending on how it is translated. Bercot gives examples from the New Testament of how translators have made arbitrary decisions and have often unjustifiable added words to Scripture to fit their theology.

60 min. CD $4.95

S-Grace-Misunderstood-Word CD: Grace - The Most Misunderstood Word in the Bible
$4.95 CD: Grace - The Most Misunderstood Word in the Bible
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David Bercot. Many Christians have a completely wrong concept of Christianity because they misunderstand one single word: grace. Most of us have been told that grace means God's "unmerited favor" and that it stands in contrast to human effort or reward. But how can we know what a particular word mean in the days of Jesus and the apostles.?

The Greek word that is translated as "grace" is charis. Bercot argues that the only way we can know what charis meant in ancient times is to go the writings of that period. For New Testament words, the three most valuable ancients sources we have are (1) the Septuagint, (2) the New Testament, and (3) the early Christian writings. These sources reveal that charis was an everyday word, meaning goodwill or favor. This goodwill might by totally undeserved, or it might be extended because of something commendable on the part of the recipient.

Beyond any doubt, salvation is a gift. But it is a gift conditioned on our maintaining an obedient love-faith relationship with Christ. This message could change of your whole concept of Christianity!

60 min. CD $4.95

S-Grace-Data ROM CD-Grace-CD ROM Data Disc
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This CD-ROM is a supplement to the CD “Grace: The Most Misunderstood Word in the Bible.” It contains both PDF and Word files of the following: All passages in the Septuagint and the New Testament that use the Greek word charis (normally translated as “grace”). It also contains all passages in the 2nd century early Christian writings that contain the word “grace.” This same information is available on our website at here

S-What-True-Greatness-Looks-Like CD: What True Greatness Looks Like
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David Bercot. When most Protestants think of great Christian leaders, they usually don't think of the 12 apostles. However, they were some of the greatest Christians who have ever lived. One of the things that made them great was their willingness to fade into the background and let others - like Paul - receive more glory. Meanwhile, they were quietly going about planting Christ's church throughout the world. When most of us think of the 12 apostles, we thing of them bickering over who would be the greatest. But when the time came, that is very thing they didn't do. The twelve worked together as a perfect team, without any rivalry among them. They had no desire to leave monuments, biographies, or accounts of their ministries.

When called upon to leave written records of their time with Jesus, they left accounts that portrayed their foolishness, but little of their wisdom. They were content to be remembered for their mistakes and failures. Because of their humble, quiet leadership, they were able to leave a strong, united Church at the time they died, instead of 12 divided, bickering groups of churches. That's what true greatness looks like!

60 min. CD $4.95

S-Apostles-Failures.jpg CD: Were the Apostles Failures?
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David Bercot. Many Christians today claim that the church founded by the apostles lost most of the apostles’ doctrine within a generation. In fact, people say that the first century church was already losing the apostolic faith while the apostles were still living. In other words, the apostles were failures! They couldn’t accomplish... more.

65 min. audio CD.

S-Apostles-Bible-Set.jpg CD Set: Why Don't We Use the Same Bible as the Apostles?
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When you look up Old Testament verses quoted by New Testament writers, you have probably noticed that they don’t read the same in your Old Testament as they do in your New Testament. Have you ever wondered why? The reason is that, most of the time, Jesus and His apostles quoted from the Septuagint—not from the Masoretic Text. Yet, today, almost all English Bibles use the Masoretic text for the Old Testament, not the Septuagint.

So, in this series of messages, Bercot asks the logical question: Why don’t we use the same Bible as Jesus and the apostles? In the course of this message, you will learn about:

● The numerous New Testament passages that match the Septuagint, but not the Masoretic Text.
● The many Old Testament passages that are contradictory in the Masoretic Text—but not in the Septuagint
● How the New Testament writers used the vocabulary and spiritual concepts of the Septuagint
● Why the early church insisted on using the Septuagint as their Old Testament
● When and how the Roman Catholic Church dropped the Septuagint and adopted the Masoretic Text in its place—a tradition later followed by the Reformers

Two 70 min. CDs

S-Archaic.jpg CD: Does God Want Us to Use Archaic Bible Translations?
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David Bercot. This CD is NOT a criticism of the KJV. For the first 150 years after the KJV was published in 1611, it was periodically updated to fit changes in the English language and to occasionally amend the text itself. The last update was made in 1769 under the authority of Oxford University. But then something odd happened. ... more.
70 min. audio CD.

S-Capital-Error.jpg CD: Capital Error
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D. Bercot.When you read the New Testament, are you receiving the meaning the apostles intended? Bible translators can completely change the meaning of a given verse—or of a whole chapter—simply by deciding to capitalize a word or not. (The New Testament was written in all capital letters.) This is not some small, trifling matter. It affects the entire meaning of the Gospel. more.
60 min. audio CD. $4.95

CD Set: The Bible Text & Bible Doctrines
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Christian discipleship
15 CDs on Doctrine and Bible Study
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Scroll Publishing Co. has published 16 compact discs containing messages by David Bercot and Chuck Pike about various Christian doctrines and on Bible study. Although there are many works available today on doctrine and Bible study, these messages are unique in that they are based on the perspective of what the early Christians believed and practiced. We offer this entire set of 16 CDs at the price of only $3.95 each when you purchase the entire set. Each CD comes in a separate plastic or cardboard case.

Click here for a complete list of the CDs included in this set.

S-Discovering Septuagint-set.jpg CD Set: Discovering the Septuagint
$11.95 CD Set: Discovering the Septuagint
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David Bercot. This is David Bercot's most in-depth teaching on the Septuagint (LXX) to-date. Bercot explains what the LXX is and relates its history. Jesus and His apostles almost always quoted from the LXX when they quoted the O.T. The LXX was the O.T. of the early church. However, the Roman Catholic Church eventually switched from the LXX to the Masoretic Text (MT), and the Reformers followed suit. . . more.
Three 60 min. CDs. $11.95

S-Chrysostom-Commentaries-mock.jpg CD: John Chrysostom New Testament Commentary - PDF
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As most of our readers know, we do not recommend the use of modern commentaries. That’s because the information in them is so often inaccurate and untruthful. At the same time, we recognize that many New Testament passages are difficult for the modern reader to understand. We don’t speak the same language, we live in a very different culture, and so many changes have come into the church during the past 2000 years. It certainly would be handy to know how the early Christians understood various New Testament passages. more.
1 CD-ROM disc

S-Dispensationalism-set.jpg CD Set: Dispensationalism
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Set of Two 65 min. Audio Compact Discs

Prior to the late 1800s, no Christians - evangelical, catholic, or liberal - believed in Dispensationalism. Today, most evangelicals accept without question the tenets of Dispensationalism as exemplified in the Scofield Study Bible. This is not surprising as evangelicals have been blind to the doctrine of the Two Kingdoms and have no real understanding of the kingdom of God. But what is shocking is that so many kingdom Christians have heartily embraced this new doctrine. In this message, Bercot exposes Dispensationalism as a modern innovation that is contrary to the historic Christian faith. It is also at odds with specific New Testament teaching and the facts of modern history.
Two 60-minute audio CDs. $9.90

S-Was-Jesus-First-Feminist-wheat.jpg CD Set: Was Jesus the First Feminist?
$9.90 CD Set: Was Jesus the First Feminist?
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David Bercot. Many Christian books and commentators today portray Jesus as the first feminist. These commentators typically point to the Mishnah to argue that Jesus’ treatment of women was nothing short of revolutionary in His day. However, Bercot demonstrates how feminist commentators have fabricated history in an attempt to show that Jesus overthrew the very order of headship that He—as our Creator—instituted.
Two 60-min. CDs $9.90

S-Evolution.jpg CD: Evolution: Relic from the Age of Myths
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D. Bercot. Most people think that the theory that life on earth got here by accident is a modern view—a product of the age of science. However, as Bercot demonstrates in his message, the teaching that life on earth sprung up by accident is something that some of the ancient Greek philosophers taught centuries before the birth of Christ. It is not a theory that was born out of the age of science—but rather a relic from the age of myth. It came from the age when many people thought that humans sprang from dragon’s teeth!

This is an audio CD that we particularly recommend to home schoolers.
60 min. audio CD $4.95

S-Filthy-Rags-set.jpg CD Set: Does God View Our Righteousness as Filthy Rags?
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Practically all Christians who have had any contact with Evangelical Protestantism know by memory Isa. 64:6: “We are all like an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags.” But is this really how God views the righteous acts of His people, or of mankind in general? Or, is this simply another case of a theologian (Martin Luther) taking a verse out of context?

After all, neither Jesus nor any of the New Testament writers ever quoted Isa. 64:6. Bercot presents a Scriptural and historical analysis of this passage that will undoubtedly give you a fuller understanding of this verse.

The second CD in this set is a computer disc (CD-ROM), playable in any Windows computer, that sets forth the extensive list of Scripture texts that shed light on this whole issue.

One 70 min. audio CD + one CD-ROM: only $6.95

S-Gospel-According-to-Jesus.jpg eBook: The Gospel According to Jesus - free!
$0.00 eBook: The Gospel According to Jesus - free!
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Marc Carrier. eBook in pdf format. In this work, the author sets forth in a clear manner the historic gospel of Christianity. This is the gospel that Jesus preached, and it’s the gospel that the early Christians preached. It’s part of the “faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). Everything he says is firmly more.

S-Paul-James-set.jpg CD Set: How to Harmonize Paul and James
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David Bercot. James wrote, ““Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? ...You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith alone.”

But Paul said, “If Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God. ...But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness.”

Harmonizing these seemingly contradictory passages is no mere theological exercise. No, the answer to this apparent contradiction lies at the very heart of Christianity. As Bercot demonstrates, in order to harmonize Paul and James, we first have to fully grasp the gospel preached by Jesus. When we harmonize Paul and James with Jesus, we find their is no contradiction in their teachings.

This 3-CD set consists of two audio CDs and one text CD-ROM which can be read on any computer.
3 CD Set. Reg. price $14.95       Special Sales Price: $9.95

S-Why-Did-God-Create-Man CD: Why Did God Create Man In The First Place
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D. Bercot. Almost all churches teach that God originally wanted to fill the earth with obedient children who loved Him. But they say all that changed when Adam and Eve sinned. They say God's original purpose has been forever thwarted and we are now in "Plan B." But is that true? In this Kingdom message, Bercot shows that Satan has not thwarted God’s eternal purpose. Formerly titled, "What Is Life About?"

60 min. audio CD. $4.95

S-Kingdom-of-God.jpg CD: The Kingdom of God
$4.95 CD: The Kingdom of God
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D. Bercot. In this CD, Bercot explains what the kingdom of God is, why it was the theme of Jesus’ and the apostles’ preaching, and what difference it makes in the life of a Christian when we understand the Kingdom of God.

Bercot also discusses some of the laws of the Kingdom. As he explains, man was designed and structured for the Kingdom of God. When we obey the laws of the Kingdom, we are obeying what is best for ourselves. We were made to belong to the Kingdom. At the same time, the Kingdom is the most radical proposal ever made to mankind.
70 min. audio CD. $4.95

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Our CD on the Kingdom of God is our most popular CD. For those of our readers who would like to spread the word about the kingdom of God, we offer a special evangelism rate of $2.00 for each of these CDs purchased to give away in evangelism. A minimum of 5 copies must be ordered to qualify for the evangelism rate.
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S-Daniel.jpg CD: Seeing Christ in Daniel
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Chuck Pike. We’ve all read the account of Daniel in the lion’s den many times. Yet, most of us have done so without ever realizing how so many events surrounding Daniel’s arrest, punishment, and deliverance were prophetic shadows. Once you hear this message, you’ll no doubt be saying, “Of course. It’s all so obvious!” . . . more.
45 min. CD $4.95

S-Joshua.jpg CD: Seeing Christ in Joshua
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Chuck Pike. You’ve no doubt read the account of Joshua and the fall of Jericho many times. You may know the story of Rahab and the two spies by heart. But did you realize that these events were prophetic pictures of Christ, the plan of salvation, the kingdom of God, and Judgment Day? Quoting extensively from the early Christians and Scripture, Chuck Pike helps the listener to see these marvelous prophetic pictures. more.

60 min. CD

S-Shadows-of-Christ-in-OT.jpg CD: Shadows of Christ in the Old Testament
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David Bercot. Did you know that the Old Testament is loaded with symbols and types of New Testament realities—such as the cross, baptism, communion, the church, the crown of thorns, the crucifixion, and, of course, Jesus Christ Himself? As the early Christians realized, the Old Testament is like a buried treasure with hidden shadow of Christ and God's plan for man's salvation. . . . more.
60 min. CD $4.95

S-CD-Set-6-Key-Messages.jpg CD Set: Six Key Teachings of the Kingdom
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The Kingdom of God was the theme of Jesus’ preaching. Until a person fully grasps the kingdom teachings of Jesus, they will have an incomplete understanding of the gospel. To help our listeners get acquainted with Jesus’ kingdom teachings, we have hand-picked a set of our six key kingdom messages. The six CD titles are more.
Six 65-minute audio CDs.

S-6-Doctrines-set.jpg CD Set: The Six Basic Doctrines
$29.70 $24.75 On Sale! CD Set: The Six Basic Doctrines
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The Six Basic Doctrines
$29.70  $24.75

Special discount when you purchase the entire set of 6 CDs!

D. Bercot. What the Early Christians Believed About The Six Basic Doctrines: Salvation, Eternal Security, Baptism, Communion, Life After Death, and the Trinity. Six CDs.

S-Thinking-Christian.jpg CD: How to Be a Thinking Christian
$4.95 CD: How to Be a Thinking Christian
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D. Bercot. The greatest commandment is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” (Matt. 22:37). Many Bible-believing Christians love God with all their hearts, but not with all their minds. In fact, they don’t even know what critical thinking is. As a result of their shallow thinking, they wrongfully condemn other Christians, and they often bring reproach on the name of Christ because of their wrong predictions and foolish statements. In this CD, Bercot focuses on three areas:

1.   Developing critical thinking skills 2.   Learning how to read a document—particularly the Bible 3.   How to properly do research on biblical and spiritual topics

60 min. audio CD

S-Textus-Receptus.jpg CD: The Early Christian Writings and the Textus Receptus
$4.95 CD: The Early Christian Writings and the Textus Receptus
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Many Christians today believe the Critical Text is the most accurate New Testament text. Others say that the Textus Receptus (the text used for the King James Version) is the providentially preserved pure Word of God. What light do the early Christian writings shed on these issues? Plenty!

Here is a candid look at what the early Christian writings reveal about New Testament text. The testimony of their writings is quite clear; yet the answers provided by this testimony is not as simplistic as many Christians think. Among the topics Bercot discusses in this message are:

• The Greek text used by the early Christians
• How Origen affected the New Testament text
• The history of the Textus Receptus

70 min. CD.

S-Spindle-02.jpg 100 Evangelism CDs on a Spindle for $125
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Mix or match up to 4 titles. For evangelism only.

These are the same printed CDs that we normally sell in CD cases. However, instead of being in cases, all 100 CDs are on a spindle. You must supply the paper sleeves, plastic CD cases, or whatever packing you want to distribute them in. However, these CDs must be given away for free.

When you add this spindle of 100 CDs to your shopping cart, a text box will appear in your shopping cart, in which you can inform us which titles you would like on your spindle. You may select up to four different titles. We will place these on the spindle in equal quantities. In other words, if you provide us with four different titles, we will place 25 of each on the spindle.

S-Dore.jpg CD-ROM: Dore Art Prints
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Although many persons have drawn illustrations of Bible scenes, no one has ever equaled the genius of Gustave Dore. His black-and-white engravings vividly capture the intense drama of the Scriptures and have become well-known. This CD-ROM contains 102 JPEG images of his engraved scenes from the Bible. more.

S-Encountering-Christ-in-Worship CD: Encountering Christ In Worship - New!
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John D. Martin. What is worship? In Christianity today, worship is one of the most misunderstood words. Worship begins with a true vision of our holy God and is centered on the Cross. If our worship does not make Jesus the primary focus of our lives, then it is not true worship. more.
50 min. audio CD.