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S-Coals-of-Fire-new.jpg Coals of Fire
$9.95 Coals of Fire
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This stimulating book contains 17 true stories about Christians who returned love for hate and good for evil. It takes courage to live by Jesus’ teachings of loving our enemies and returning good for evil. Sometimes the results are dramatic—and a former enemy becomes a friend. Very powerful and moving. Suitable for both teens and adults.
127 pp. Paper.

S-Charting-Course-new.jpg Charting a Course in Your Youth
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Gary Miller. This timely book is a call to youth serious about following Jesus, especially in finances. The book is designed to help youth develop a Christ-centered focus early in life and find their way through society’s confusing swirl of gray. Using illustrations from his experience in flying airplanes, Gary points readers to timeless foundational Biblical truth. The many stories capture the reader’s attention, and young people will find it engaging reading.
Softcover. | 224 pp.

S-Shepherds-Staff.jpg Pathway: The Shepherd's Staff
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Rebecca Martin. This is the 6th book in the "Nancy Martin" series. Little Joy Smith is now a part of the family. In this touching story, you are introduced to another family who sought a church like the Anabaptists. Will they follow Joy's example?
266 pp. Hardback.

S-Valley-Farm.jpg Pathway: Valley Farm
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Rebecca Martin. This is the 4th book in the "Nancy Martin" series. Nancy is now married to Urias, and life continues to be a learning and growing process.
296 pp. Hardback.

S-March-Forward-Word March Forward with the Word! - The Life of Conrad Grebel
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Andrew V Ste Marie, Mike Atnip.In the midst of tall castles, warring pikemen, dreadful plagues, church decay, and the superstitution and darkness of sixteen-century Europe, the Anabaptist revival burst into flames.

One of the first leaders was a partying university dropout who met Christ and was transformed into a fiery preacher, confronting and challenging the greatest reformers of the day. Follow Conrad Grebel as he follows Christ.

173 pp. Paperback