He Came to Set the Captives Free" and Prepare for War. ">

Dr. Rebecca Brown

A Letter from Peter Hoover to a Friend about Rebecca Brown

I am thankful you had the spiritual perception and common sense to realize that people should not be reading the "Rebecca Brown" books. They will not bring anyone closer to Jesus, nor will they help avoid evil, because they are untrue. They are fiction (bad fiction at that) presented as fact, and the Lord Jesus has never needed such literature to help his cause.

For twenty years “Dr. Rebecca Brown” whose real name is Ruth Bailey, and who certainly is no longer a doctor, has been widely recognized as a fraud, and her books a hoax. Already in the 1980s, she was living in what appeared to be a questionable relationship with Edna Elaine Moses, the middle-aged woman she was purportedly trying to adopt as her daughter.

Every piece of “evidence” presented in the Rebecca Brown books can amply and easily be proven false. No discerning person has taken her seriously for many years — but, unfortunately, the books continue to circulate.

Just to give you a superficial idea of the extent of Ruth Bailey’s hoax, I will post here the following observations from people that have investigated her claims. You could easily find more information about her on your own, in your public library or on the Internet. But because this fraud is so old and so long “blown over” among American evangelicals, most people pay little attention to it anymore:

On October 2, 1984, the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana met to consider Ruth Bailey's license to practice medicine. She refused to attend the hearing and sent no one to act as her counsel or agent. After deliberations, this board lifted Bailey's license (#29402) for the following violations and irregularities:

Bailey misdiagnosed patients including, but not limited to Edna Elaine Moses a.k.a. Elaine Moses A.K.A. Elaine Bailey, Claudia Moses, Lucia Lively, Lucinda Sisson, Kelly Sisson and Cheryl Maynard of "leukemia, various blood disorders, gall bladder disease, brain tumors, and various other ailments and conditions, all of which the Respondent stated were allegedly caused by demons, devils, and other evil spirits." In fact, these "patients... were not suffering from the diagnosed ailments and conditions."

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On numerous occasions Bailey stated to her patients "that she was chosen by God as the only physician able to diagnose certain ailments and conditions which other physicians could not because the other physicians... were in fact, demons, devils and other evil spirits themselves."

Bailey gave massive overdoses of Demerol and Phenobarbital to Elaine Moses "to the point where the patient would tolerate 600 to 900 cc injections of Demerol, a fatal dose of which is normally in the 150 to 200 cc range, and up to three times the recommended therapeutic dose of Phenobarbital."

Bailey "gave Claudia Moses, the 15 year old mentally impaired daughter of Edna Elaine Moses who possesses the intellectual age of an 8 year old, numerous injections of Demerol for alleged 'nausea' and allowed Claudia to administer injections of Demerol to herself."

Bailey supplied her patients "with excessive amounts of legend drugs and/or controlled substances without any explanation, instruction or appropriate charting."

Bailey "failed to maintain and keep adequate records or charts on her patients and in several instances failed to maintain any charts or records at all."

Bailey "on numerous occasions falsified patient charts and hospital records and misled other health professionals regarding her patients condition... all to the detriment of her patient's well being."

Bailey "misrepresented and falsified prescriptions for controlled substances" for Edna Elaine Moses. The drug in this case was Demerol.

Bailey believed that she had "the capability of 'sharing' her patient's illnesses in fighting the demons, devils and other evil spirits that were allegedly causing the various ailments" and "without a valid therapeutic reason... self medicated herself with non therapeutic amounts of Demerol." In fact Bailey had "been witnessed routinely receiving non-therapeutic doses of at least 3 cc of Demerol on an hourly basis by injecting herself in the backs of her hands, the inside of her thighs, or wherever she could locate a suitable vein."

The Medical Licensing Board appointed a psychiatrist to examine Bailey and the statements of her patients. This psychiatrist "diagnosed [Bailey] as suffering from acute personality disorders including demonic delusions and/or paranoid schizophrenia."

Many of Bailey's patients "had to undergo detoxification and withdrawal from the excessive amounts of legend drugs and/or controlled substances which [Bailey] was prescribing and/or administering without valid therapeutic reasons."

After losing her medical license, Bailey adopted the name "Dr. Rebecca Brown" and continued to use the title "Doctor", despite the fact that since she had her license taken away she has never applied to be reinstated in any other state. "Brown" and her companion Elaine Moses began telling people of how Moses was a former high priestess of a Satanic cult and how "Dr Brown" had saved her from a hospital riddled with Satanic cult members who had infiltrated it. She eventually met up with Jack Chick of Chick Publications, who published two books authored by Bailey under her pseudonym "Dr. Rebecca Brown":   He Came to Set the Captives Free and Prepare for War.

In both books Brown claims that her patient Elaine "was a servant of Satan for 17 years" and "one of the top witches in the US." Elsewhere Elaine has claimed to be "bride of Satan, top witch in the United States (maybe even in the whole world)" and "a former witch and 'bride' of Satan who was head of over one million witches in Canada and the northern central United States." Brown claims to have rescued Elaine from the Satanists following a "terrible eight-week battle with the demons." Following this rescue, Brown claims that she and Elaine were "constantly harassed by demons, human spirits and physical people, attacked constantly from every direction. Elaine was constantly sick." Small wonder that Brown was perceiving demon attacks and that Moses was so ill given the substance abuse which we saw described in the Medical Licensing Board inquiry.

The title of Brown's second book, Prepare For War, is indicative of it's primary theme: Spiritual Warfare. Prepare for War is the sequel to He Came To Set The Captives Free. It reads like a bad soap opera. Ruth Bailey has written it in a third person narrative style as if she realizes that the alter ego that she is writing about, Dr Rebecca Brown, is just some fictional character. If there was a ghost writer involved in this book this person is not identified to us.

Prepare For War begins with a chapter in which Brown claims that a member of "The Brotherhood" named Tim tries to warn her that the Satanists are going to kill both Brown and her patient Moses if they don't leave the hospital immediately. This is the same organization that the discredited Mike Warnke lists as the fourth level of the Illuminati in an earlier article in this series. Brown describes Elaine as getting feisty and wanting to take on the Satanists herself to defend Brown. Brown tries to mimic Joseph Smith and Mohammed by claiming that as she prayed to Jehovah for assistance that she was visited by an angel wielding a sword. Brown says that she could tell that this being was an angel and not a demon simply because it told her that he was a servant of God and Jesus.

The angel says that he has been sent by God to slay Elaine as she has become a nuisance. Brown claims that she prostrated herself and asked that God's wrath be directed at her instead, stating: "If you kill Elaine, Satan and his servants will say that your arm is too short to bring anyone out of Satan's kingdom." The angel immediately concedes to Brown's plea, sheathes his sword and leaves. Brown then shows Elaine the usual passages in the Bible such as 1 Samuel 15:23 ("Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry"). The next morning Brown claims that she is struck deathly ill and that the Holy Spirit tells her that this is because she asked for God's anger to be directed at her. Perhaps she should be made aware of the old magical adage: "Be careful what you ask for, because you'll get it"? Anyway, Elaine Moses prays over Brown for hours, her rebellious nature is banished and Brown is miraculously cured.

The second chapter isn't much better. In "Covenanting with the Lord", Brown tells us that God is wonderful and that her parents were "very evil and demonically controlled." Lest you think that they were practicing Satanists, think again. They brought her up a Christian, but apparently Brown feels that they were the wrong kind of Christians. Brown claims that within her parent’s church group "drunkenness and adultery were rampant." "Demonic mind control was so total within the group," Brown claims, "that everyone was ruled by fear." That is fear of God that Brown is talking about, not fear of Satan. The rest of the chapter is Brown's story of how she found Jesus and ultimately Elaine.

In chapter 3, "A Year of Wrestling", the soap opera continues. Brown claims that the Holy Spirit warned her not to turn on her stereo one day. This leads to the discovery of "a small fire bomb that looked like a half stick of dynamite wired into her stereo." Brown claims that she successfully defused this bomb as "Elaine used to make such bombs while she was in the Satanist cult and she had taught Rebecca how to dismantle them." I would have thought that most people in this sort of situation would then have immediately got on the phone to the police, but not Brown. Brown claims that she set the bomb aside "for safe disposal later" and went to the refrigerator to get something to eat. God is not finished with her though. When she opens the door to the fridge the Lord tells her to go to the hospital as the Satanists are putting "Pavulon" in Elaine's IV in an attempt to kill her. Brown races to the hospital and finds Elaine in respiratory arrest. The emergency physician, whom Brown tells us she has assigned the pseudonym "Jerry", races in and exclaims:

"Pavulon! How the devil would Pavulon get into Elaine's IV?"

"'That's just it', Rebecca thought, "you don't know just home much the 'devil' is involved in all of this!'"

Jerry and Brown then administer the antidote, pyridostigmine, and Elaine recovers. Jerry asks Brown how she knew that this was going to happen. Brown tells him that "The Lord told me." Jerry warns her not to go about saying that. Brown then goes on to say that Elaine was the victim of repeated attacks by the Satanists, resulting in:
A kidney infection resulting in sepsis.
A blood clot in Elaine's leg which moved into her lung.
Another infection followed by another clot.
Frequent episodes of respiratory arrest.

Brown claims that numerous attempts were made on her life too, including:

Multiple firebomb attempts such as the one already described. Brown claims that she found that "bombs had been wired into the starter of her car, into her telephone, and into the stereo."

"Multiple attempts to poison her food, especially her coffee." Brown claims that the Holy Spirit warned her about these poisoned cups of coffee each time she was about to take her first sip. Brown also claims that the Holy Spirit told her many times to put her cafeteria tray on the dirty dishes conveyor without touching the food.

Brown says that she never took a drink of water without praying to the Lord first. She relates the following anecdote:

"On more than one occasion when [Brown] had finished eating lunch she noticed some of the medical personnel looking strangely at her and some even asked her if she felt OK. She had no doubt that the Lord has answered her prayer and purified her food of whatever poison had been placed within it. One nurse came to her one day and accepted Jesus as her Savior, telling Rebecca that she had been so astonished that she had survived the poison placed in her food that she (the nurse) wanted to serve Rebecca's master instead of Satan."

Now one would think that given that Brown claims to have rescued Moses from the Satanists and throws her name around liberally, that Brown would share this nurse's name too, since she would be the perfect witness to prove her claims. She does not. This is the one and only time that this nurse is mentioned. Brown goes on to say that "David (cult code name for a doctor at Rebecca's hospital who was also the local high priest)... stopped Rebecca in the hallway one night and threatened her life."

You would also expect a call to the police about all these bomb attacks, poisonings, and threatening. Especially since Brown apparently knows exactly who the perpetrators are. Instead, she makes a point of telling us that she is assigning them pseudonyms so that the reader cannot identify them and keeps on praying. Keep this business about bombs and poisoners in mind: You're going to see several examples of other therapists starting up similar poisoning rumors in chapter 11.

Brown uses the fourth chapter, "Standing", to deliver the message that if you do evil, evil will happen to you, but Brown clearly isn't listening to her own good advice. Brown tells us about a thirty-year-old "woman named Bonnie (not her real name)" (more pseudonyms to protect the "evil doer"). Bonnie is supposedly "involved in the New Age movement for several years... involved in psychic healing, astral projection (also called soul travel or astral travel), fortune telling, meditation, yoga, etc."

Bonnie's child has a near drowning incident which leaves him brain damaged. Bonnie then accepts Jesus Christ as her savior, as she feels that this is a punishment for her involvement in the occult. Brown tells us that this is true, but that a few years later Bonnie is afflicted with "a series of severe illnesses, suffered financial losses and hardest of all, suffered demonic torment almost continually, causing much sleeplessness." Brown tells us that basically God did this to Bonnie because even though she had accepted His teachings He was still angry with her and wanted her to suffer at Satan's hands to teach her a lesson. What a picture of God! What a great story! Pity that we cannot confirm it because of Brown changing the name (again).

Next Brown tells us about a family that is "under intense demonic attack." Brown tells us that they were under attack by Satan because they had been conducting a street ministry. The husband has a near fatal illness. Their three-month-old baby was ill too. They experience objects flying all over the house and experience temperature drops in the room that causes ice to form on the windows even at midsummer. They hear growling noises all the time and blood runs down the walls. The Lord gives Brown a tip which leads her to suspect their 18-year-old daughter "Lisa (not her real name)."

Lisa had been sexually molested by her mother's ex-husband. This causes her to become demon possessed. They pray a lot but this does not seem to help. They try to cast demons out of her, but this does not work either. They are at their wit's end. Did they call on God to deal with Lisa's trauma concerning the rape? No. Following Brown's advice, they throw their daughter out of the home. Brown tells us that this caused the demon attacks to stop. We are not told what happened to the "discarded" daughter.

Assuming that this is true (and it very likely isn't), what Brown has described here is a phenomenon very often associated with troubled juvenile females like this. The solution is usually to deal with the juvenile's problems, not just to get rid of her. Of course you are never going to be able to corroborate this story either because once again the names have been changed to protect the "guilty."

I'm going not going to bore you with Brown's next four chapters, but skip to chapter 9, "Demons in Christians." Brown begins by ranting about demons dwelling in Christians. "I, personally, have never been commanded by the Lord to cast a demon out of anyone who was not already a Christian," Brown tells us, "because I would clearly not be benefitting them. This is because the demons would have free access to return with many more demons and the person would be worse off than he was in the beginning. The only cases in which I have commanded demons to come out of a non-Christian is in young children."

This obviously contradicts Brown's fantastic tale about how she had rescued her demon infested patient, the Satanic leader Elaine Moses, by praying over her and casting out demons. Brown tries to convince us of this by giving us the example of "a member of the Roman Catholic church" tormented by demons on a daily basis. Brown identifies this Catholic woman as "Chris (not her real name)." Brown claims that Chris frequently felt as if boiling water was being poured over her and even exhibited "actual physical burns."

Chris finally sought Johanna Michaelson's help, as she had heard of her "through the Closet Witches tapes." These are a series of tapes produced by Jack Chick. Brown states:

"I talked with her on several occasions but refused to command the demons to come out of her because she was not a Christian and refused to accept the materials I presented to her on the Roman Catholic Church (as detailed in chapter 11)."

These "materials" were probably anti-Catholic tracts of the sort that her publisher Jack Chick produces. Brown's reference is to chapter 11 of Prepare for War, "Is Roman Catholicism Witchcraft?" We will return to that chapter later. The long and the short of this is that Brown claims that this woman went to a Protestant service where they exorcized her. Brown tells us that the moment that she returned to the Catholic Church and took communion the demons moved back in.

The next chapter, "Doorways", starts with more testimonials by people whose names have been changed by Brown. She tells about Cathy and Mark whose marital problems were caused by demons. Then she tells about Jane, the nurse whom Brown releases from occult bondage through prayer. This leads Brown to quote Deuteronomy 18 which leads her to explain how the occult is a doorway that allows such demonic influences in (hence the title of this chapter). Brown goes on to make all sorts of outrageous claims:

"I have found a high incidence of involvement in the occult through college sororities and fraternities. Most of the oaths and pledges taken at the time of initiation are occultic rituals directly opening up the students to the entrance of demons. Many times they pledge loyalty and faithfulness to the spirit of a deceased founder of the organization. This 'spirit' is, of course, a demon. Especially in sororities, pledges and prayers with candles and even and altar of some sort are common."

NOTE: Brown does not name any examples or list any of these pledges.

"Many Christians get involved in witchcraft rituals unknowingly. These are frequently 'white witchcraft' and involve the reciting of a psalm or certain scripture verses while using a combination of oil and salt. Remember, salt is used in a multitude of occultic rituals. Never is salt actually used in any Biblical practices."

NOTE: Brown is not clear how someone would "unknowingly" perform Christian magic of this sort.

"Another area of witchcraft which Christians unwittingly use is in the area of herbs. Most of the herbalists and herb shop owners are involved in witchcraft. Incantations are done over the herbs, which is why they work so well... The same is true of a lot of health food stores. A large number of health food stores are owned and operated by Hindu gurus. Top yoga teachers openly tell us that their foods are prepared only by yogis who perform the necessary meditations so that the foods will carry the 'appropriate vibrations' to enhance the 'spirituality' of the eater. Beware, these 'appropriate vibrations' are demons." NOTE: The reason these herbs work is that they contain natural substances with medicinal properties: Many medicines that you can purchase at a pharmacy come from natural sources.

Brown goes on to list other practices that she considers "New Age doorways" for demons to enter people. She describes "childhood doorways" and gives more testimonials by people whose names have been changed:

Jim who when he was four years old woke up to see a row of demons on the shelf shooting arrows at him.

Susan who was attacked by a "black blob" in the night that repeatedly shredded her sheets. Her mom spanked her for ripping up the sheets as she didn't believe Susan's story.

Three year old Judy, whose Christian parents were not alert enough to recognize that the black figure standing next to her bed was not a bad dream: Another demon!

Steve, who had demons hiding under his bed who led him into a life of drug abuse.

Brown recommends Johanna Michaelsen's book The Beautiful Side of Evil, as in it Michaelsen makes similar claims of being pursued by demons as a child. Then she lists "sexual perversion" as another doorway for demonic influence:

"This is why God has given his people so many commands about sexual purity. It is for our protection from this source of demonic infestation. Rape and violent sexual assault, particularly in children, is a doorway that I have come across repeatedly in my medical practice. This results in the entrance of some of the strongest demons that I have ever met. Particularly powerful demons are those involved in sado-masochism. Incest within a family always leads to demonic infestation."

If you recall, Brown told us the story of the child "Lisa" earlier who was infested with demons after being raped. You will also recall her solution to the problem: Throw Lisa out of the house. Brown doesn't offer any other solutions, but she does go on to warn the reader that "50% of the Protestant pastors in America have been involved in illicit sexual affairs" which she attributes to "sexual counseling of a person of the opposite sex." She doesn't blame the pastors: The "lust demons" made them do it.

Next we find a chapter on Satanic Ritual Abuse. Brown states that the purpose of SRA is "always to place demons within the child." Elsewhere I've shown you many examples of therapists who have seized upon this idea in their "treatment." Brown claims that multiple personalities are demons. Her list of methods that are supposedly used to accomplish this is straight out of the book, Michelle Remembers:

"Sexual molestation involving humans, animals and demons.

"Experiences typifying death- such as placing the child in an opened grave, in a coffin with a dead body, etc.

"Physical pain through various means.

"The implantation of fear through threats to kill the child and/or loved ones if the child reveals what has happened to him.

"Often the child is forced to actually participate in the act of killing. They are often forced to kill animals- usually baby animals such as puppies or kittens. They are also often forced to help kill another child near to their own age and of the same sex if possible, and or another adult which closely resembles the age and sex of their loved ones such as the mother or father, etc."

Brown then suggests the following course of "treatment" for children:

1. Pray to the Lord, asking him to clean sin out of your life.

2. "Once you have sought for and have received confirmation from the Lord that your child has been abused, you are faced with a number of decisions. The first decision is whether to notify the authorities. You must carefully seek the Lord's wisdom on this issue. We are most certainly in the last days and our country is almost totally corrupt. The Satanists have infiltrated all police departments, welfare departments, and especially all areas of psychology and psychiatry... Satanists are already planted in all the governmental agencies which get involved in such cases. You must realize that once you notify the authorities you have essentially lost control of your child."

NOTE: This paranoid nonsense is one of the key elements of a destructive cult: Isolate your followers from contact with the outside world to avoid contamination. It is also a convenient excuse to explain why Brown never reported any of this to the authorities. One can clearly see that the real reason why Brown doesn't want to report this to the authorities is because the authorities will then recognize that she is mentally ill.

Brown next admits that the flaw in (2) above is that if the child has medical problems it must be seen by a doctor, who has a duty to report any symptoms of abuse to the authorities. Brown advises the reader to "keep cool and disentangle yourself from the governmental system as quickly as you can."

To prove her case, Brown presents another pair of testimonies about people whose names have been changed:

3-year-old Cindy who was allegedly abused in Satanic rituals in an unidentified church pre-school.

15-year-old Sara who was allegedly abducted by Satanists, "forcibly taken to a satanic ceremony. There all of her clothes were removed and she was strapped down on a stone altar. Another young woman was similarly strapped down on top of her. That young woman was tortured and eventually killed..." A man and a child were also supposedly killed at this ceremony. Sara miraculously escapes and later becomes suicidal.

In the next chapter, Brown claims that she has been "privileged to bring close to a thousand people out of hard-core Satanism. We ran a sort of underground railroad." Brown then tells us that "In His perfect will, the Lord allowed the Satanists to be the instrument of my mother's death." But her mother did not get killed in a Satanic ritual: She died of old age. Brown claims that her father became ill and moved in with her and Elaine, whom Brown claims to have been treating for leukemia at home at the time — also caused by demonic attacks. Brown tells us that the Satanists attacked her house one night while she and Elaine were out, totally destroying her house and killing all of her pets. Brown complains that:

"Our church decided that we were serving Satan and refused to help us. My own father and the rest of my family turned against us. Elaine's family helped the Satanists destroy everything we had. Members of both of our families moved to try to get us permanently committed to a mental institution. We had no choice but to flee the state."

Well, the part about their families trying to get them into a mental health facility—resulting in their fleeing the state—is correct, anyway. This is the story Brown presents to cover up the medical licensing board decision I told you about earlier (which she makes no mention of in her accounts). Brown claims that the two of them "Ended up in the ghettos of a major city living in a shack in the slums without even proper plumbing. Because I was not licensed in that state we nearly starved to death." She relates how she prayed to the Lord for solutions to their problem and blames problems in her relationship with Elaine in that period on demonic influences.

The stories continue with their mixture of Bible truth and human fantasy. But for a few examples, this will do.

Now I will present a letter by Pastor Charles C. Younts of the Calvary Baptist Missions in Toledo, Ohio, to Pastor Paul Daniels of the same organization:

Dear Mr. Daniels:

Having read your letter to Pastor Worley, I felt led of the Lord to respond to it, as least in part. I'm also sending copies of this letter to Rebecca Brown, Jack Chick, Pastor Worley and others I feel might be interested.

Some random comments and questions that do require thought and/or answers:

1. In order to avoid confusion, I will refer to the alleged former witch as Edna. She has gone by Edna Moses, Edna Bailey, Edna Gnost, Elaine Moses...why all of the aliases, I do not know. It could not be from supposedly hiding from former associates in the craft because she is exceptionally easy to track and find, no matter where she is. I refer to Ruth Bailey (alias Rebecca Brown) as just Ruth.

2. Why does Ruth keep the title of Doctor when she was barred from medicine in Indiana? (for prescription boosting) She has not applied in any state to be reinstated. It is a fake title and misleading, and it has been only used by her to establish credibility.

3. To avoid the appearance of evil, why did Edna assume Ruth's last name? The explanation by Ruth was that she was going to adopt Edna. This is so preposterous and ludicrous...that anyone would make such a comment. Middle age adopts middle age? Why do they sleep in the same bed and have done so almost since they first met? In most of the places they live, there is adequate bedroom space for separate bedrooms or at least separate beds.

Homosexual marriages are not uncommon and it is not uncommon for homosexual lovers to assume the last name of their partner. Add this to sleeping together and the appearance of evil is given. I would say it's an unhealthy practice for an individual in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

4. The very idea that because an individual ministers for Jesus Christ, he is "of Christ" is anti-Biblical. We know Satan's messengers come on as "angels of light." Don't forget Judas ate with and ministered with all the others for years, and they were totally taken by them. He healed, cast out demons, pointed sinners to Jesus Christ, etc. Yet, we're told he was of his father, the Devil. Just because someone has won souls to Jesus Christ, such as Marjoe Gortnor, they are not necessarily of Christ.

5. One can only be judged on what they say and do by a singular standard--the only one on earth to tell the truth from the lie is the Bible. The Holy Spirit who inspired it will never go against it. Many of the statements of the two women are so far removed from the Biblethat they must be looked at with great suspicion.

6. Why do neither of the women attend a fundamental church?

7. Having spoken with Edna personally, she told me, and I have it on tape, "I was crazy for believing the New Testament."

8. Edna also admitted on the same tape that Ruth lost her license to practice medicine in Indiana for writing illegal prescriptions.

9. Ruth states on tape that the one thing that is absolutely necessary in the ministry to witches is to get them out of the spiritual world—where they can see things ordinary humans cannot. If so, why does she herself enter into this world frequently? Furthermore, what she "sees" is diametrically opposed to the Word of God. She made the following statements in the presence of witnesses:

"I saw Jesus get up from His throne and He came down to minister to demons (that's blasphemous) who were being tormented by angels (since when?) because He felt sorry for them." Obviously, anyone making that statement does not know the Bible, is having delusions, or is trying to impress someone.

Just for the things I've stated at this point, alone, I would not believe anything these women have to say, but there's much more---found in the tapes they put out, and that piece of garbage they call a book.

The two women made three sets of tapes before they put one of the sets on the market. The first set contradicts the second; and the second contradicts the third and the first; and the third set contradicts much of the first and second sets. I'll not go deeply into it at this time. The market tape is full of the questionable, the impossible, and that which cannot be substantiated. Most pastors I know who have listened to the two tapes---men in the ministries for several years---can survive only one half hour before turning them off.

Most have labeled these women as bogus, still in the occult, trying to infiltrate a solid fundamental organization and ruin it or simply two adventuresome women trying to make a name for themselves. And still others think it's done for notoriety or even possibly they're mentally ill. Their credibility could be greatly added to if they would answer a multitude of questions. Instead, they give stupid reasons why they can't and also state that God told them not to answer.

Let's just start with the tapes. Edna labeled herself by her own mouth to be a murderess before and after the fact. She admits to ordering twenty murders, then admits to ordering the attempted murder of a man whose name must be known as he was admitted to the Indiana hospital when the police found him unconscious at a Satanic meeting. Ruth says she didn't know what had happened to him because the police let go the only person who survived a ritualistic murder----the worst case Ruth had seen in her time at the emergency room of a person being semi-butchered. I can tell you a cop or an attorney would have a field day with that. Murder, by the way, has no statute of limitations, and there was no police investigation.

Let's look at Edna a moment if we dare. Have you ever noticed---when the questions start to get tight, she says, "Father told me not to say anything." "Father?" Which Father? He's never referred to in such a way by anyone in the Bible. He's referred to as "the Father," "My Father," "Our Father," and "Heavenly Father." The singular word "Father" sounds like a familiar spirit.

Here is a witch, Edna, who has met governors, congressmen, chiefs of police across the United States who engage in witchcraft. She's not referring to seances, tara cards, but to baby killing, derelict murders, narcotics killings, sex orgies with both men and women. Now, it is her responsibility to point out, name, and expose these sources of evil, but we find now that God the Father goes against His Own Word and says not to expose anyone. Edna is supposedly involved in international "gun-running."

How does Edna, the bride of Satan, top witch in the United States (maybe even in the whole world) manages to get out of most of the killing rituals? The tapes and the book could be taken apart piece by piece and refuted by the Bible, not to mention wisdom and plain common sense.

Just what I have stated up to this point alone would be sufficient reason not to take these women seriously. The finest Federal Investigative agencies are not interested about anything these women say. The DIA on the narcotics; the BATF on weapons; the FBI on interstate murders; the CIA on international covert deals, have no interest uniquely when these things are openly declared. If, for example, I would have said on a national tape that I've sold narcotics, international arms, murdered and knew people involved, every investigator in the United States would immediately run a background check on me before coming to me to elaborate on these points. If they discover within their investigation, I was a "loonie tune," they would proceed no further. If they believe there was an iota of truth, I'd be answering questions of lots of people.

Let the Lord be the judge! I've been able to meet both of the women. I've seen where they live and where they have lived. I've read material regarding their past. I even read the tract that the two put out regarding the girl in a church in witchcraft: how Edna spotted her, and how Edna forgot to tell the girl (after repenting) the Biblical way to get saved.

The young in Christ, the uninitiated, those intrigued by the spectacular, and those who believe in the "bump in the night" evil, find the two women interesting. Most pastors never invite them back a second time. Needless to say, much more is to be said, as a great deal of time has been spent by many looking into the backgrounds as well as the story they put out. The tapes and the book speak for themselves.

It's my understanding that an attorney for the two has been brought into the picture. I was so ordered by what I believe to be a Christian attorney in Los Angeles supposedly representing the two women, to cease and desist in any comments regarding them. My reply to the attorney was lengthy and strong and I stated I'd be more than happy to go to court on the matter. Interesting questions would be brought up and I'd love to hear the answers.

It is my hope that a law suit is coming up for me or to another laboring in the Lord. As an appeal to Caesar would bring out the truth and all foolishness would be put to an end in quick order.

Sincerely in Christ

Charles C. Younts