Peter Hoover

What will Indian children, attending a Christian mission school, learn?

Will they hear the good news of peace and justice in the Kingdom of God -- or will they learn (from their Western teachers) that it takes lots of money to make one happy?

Not if young believers like Sabir Ali from Bangalore can help it.

Several years ago we first started hearing from Ali, still in his twenties and single, earnest in his desire to deny the world and follow Christ alone. Driven by his love for Christ and for his Muslim people, he spent some time witnessing to the Gospel in Central Asia. Since then, he has prayed and felt a burden for the people of Kashmir, India's northernmost province (95% Muslim, nearly 5% Hindu, and less than one percent Christian) caught in a long-standing territorial struggle between India and Pakistan.

Not long ago, in Bangalore, Ali came to an agreement with his prospective in-laws to marry Leeze Francis, a young believer from the city. This week I got their joyful engagement announcement. For a long time her family had been hesitant to see her marry a man of Muslim background. But now they hope to get married in about six months.

In the mean while, Ali plans to visit Kashmir to find a place to live and a means of making a living. Ali and Leeze plan to be fully self-supporting while witnessing for Christ and hopefully laying the foundation of a new Christian church -- built on the New Testament pattern -- at that place.

Will you pray with them that the work in Kashmir would shine and grow in Jesus' light? You may write to Ali at this address: sabirali77@yahoo.co.in

Many of you have been following the news of recent church burnings and the killing of Christian pastors in India. Do not let that "side-show" blind your eyes to what is really going on. Something infinitely worse than persecution threatens not only the church in India, but churches around the world. That is complacency (sleeping on the brink of disaster) and deception.

Thank God for young people like Ali whose eyes he has opened and who have gotten up to do something about it. May God lead them further and higher, and may he open the eyes of many more!