Peter Hoover: Another Collision

Another Automobile Collision

New Update

Now Paul has recovered a bit of movement in his arms and hands, but will need therapy to relearn how to use them. The rest of his body remains in total paralysis. With tubes removed from his throat he is able to speak and eat some. But the struggle to live has been hard, and at times uncertain. Both Paul and Linda have struggled with the question as to why they were not both immediately taken to be with the Lord, rather than to keep on living in a severaly handicapped state. A very sudden change for a young believer, a farmer, with a bright outlook for establishing a new family and home.

Linda is able to be at home but with a collar, a brace and casting on her leg. Both of them are badly bruised.

What shall we conclude? That we should all be driving cars, or all be using horse-drawn transportation? As long as the two co-exist on modern highways, these types of accidents will continue to happen.

Paul's home address is 40001 Rocky Branch Road, Versailles, Missouri, USA 65084, and Linda's is 14404 Mount Zion Road, Versailles, Missouri, 65084. Let us pray for these young people or share a word, as the Lord gives. Their burden is ours as well.

Original Newsletter:

We just heard this morning of Paul Shirk and Linda Zimmerman’s accident yesterday (Sunday afternoon) at Versailles, Missouri. They were heading west by horse and buggy on Highway C, just past the road coming down from Latham, when it happened. An 84-year-old man hit them in the back, never even braking. Their buggy was demolished. Both Paul and Linda were taken by helicopter to the University Hospital at Columbia, Missouri, seventy miles away. Linda has a broken leg and a broken neck, and has already been operated on. It sounds like she might be okay. Paul is paralyzed from the neck down. They will be operating shortly to see if they can get movement back, at least to his arms.

Paul is the twenty-year-old son of preacher David Shirk of the Versailles Old Order Mennonite community. Linda, nineteen, is Nathan Zimmermans’ daughter. They were planning to get married in the fall.

You may want to join the family in prayer during Paul’s operation, and should you wish to send the parents a note, I would have a way of getting it to them.


Rocky Cape Christian Community
19509 Bass Highway
Detention River, Tasmania 7321

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