Anabaptist Identity Conference 2015

2015 Anabaptist Identity Conference

March 12-14, 2015

The Ramer Building
24647 CR 44, Nappanee, IN 46550

Thursday, March 12

6:30 Pre-singing
7:00 Songs, Welcome, & Prayer
Tricycle Christianity: The Way, The Truth, The Life—Ernest Strubhar
Fundamentalism & the Descendants of Menno: An Exposé of the Impact—Chester Weaver

Friday, March 13


9:00 Songs, Welcome, & Prayer
Gemeinde or Kirche: Where Would Jesus Fellowship?—John D. Martin
The Inroads of Evangelical Protestantism & How to Lose the Kingdom in One Generation—David Bercot
Halting Between Two Opinions: To Be or Not to Be—Nathan Overholt


1:00 Songs, Welcome, & Prayer
Our Anabaptist Farming Heritage: Old World Development & New World Adaptation—David Kline
Establishing Kingdom Communities: Representing the Coming Kingdom in Today’s Reality—Dean Taylor
A Call to Gelasenheit: Fundamentalism’s Nemesis—Chester Weaver


5:00 Supper
6:30 Special Singing
7:00 Songs, Welcome, & Prayer
Building on a Wise Foundation: Stewards in a Hostile World—David Kline, Jr.
Panel Discussion: The Turtle Wins

Saturday, March 14


9:00 Songs, Welcome, & Prayer
Two Kingdoms in Conflict: The Power of the Story—Ernest Strubhar
The Russian Mennonite Story: The Golden Era—Chester Weaver
Holy Worldliness: I’m Not Sure What This Is But I Know What It’s Not—Matthias Overholt

11:45 Lunch


1:15 Songs, Welcome, & Prayer
Secrets of the Kingdom Life: An Anabaptist Weakness—David Bercot
The Russian Mennonite Story: Bitter End of the Journey—Chester Weaver
My Journey to Anabaptism—John D. Martin


5:00 Supper
6:00 Pre-singing
6:30 Songs, Welcome, & Prayer
Why Anabaptists Are Not Welcome in Most “Anabaptist” Churches—David Bercot
Establishing Kingdom Communities: How the Early Anabaptists Applied the Teaching of Jesus—Dean Taylor

The messages will also be available to listen on the Midwest Conference Line at 712-432-8774. The pin is “GRACE” (47223).

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