Anabaptist Historical Works

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S-Dirk-Willems-Noble-Deed.jpg Pathway: Dirk Willems: His Noble Deed Lives On
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David Luthy. Dirk Willems is one of the best-known Anabaptist martyrs of all time. Anyone who has read his story in the Martyrs Mirror cannot help but be moved by it. Arrested for his Christian beliefs, he escaped from the castle dungeon and dashed across the frozen moat to safety. However, the guard pursuing him broke through the ice and was drowning. Moved by love, Dirk went back and pulled the drowning man to safety. However, the guard arrested him . . . more.
Large 8-1/2 x 11 hardback. 82 pp.

S-Confession-of-Faith.jpg Pathway: Dordrecht Confession of Faith
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The Dordrecht Confession of Faith is a statement of beliefs adopted by Dutch Mennonite leaders at a meeting in Dordrecht, Netherland, on April 21, 1632. Its 18 articles emphasize belief in salvation through Jesus Christ, baptism, nonresistance, church discipline, feet washing, and avoidance of taking oaths. In 1725, Jacob Gottschalk met with sixteen other ministers from southeastern Pennsylvania and adopted the Dutch Mennonite Dordrecht Confession as their statement of belief. Here is the full text in booklet form.
42 pp. booklet.

S-Bernese-Anabaptists.jpg Pathway: History of the Bernese Anabaptists
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The author was a 19th century Reformed minister who lived in Berne, Switzerland. He thoroughly researched the history of the Anabaptists in the Berne canton, and he writes with great empathy for them. He describes their imprisonment, sale as galley slaves more.
504 pp. Hardback.

S-History-of-Martyrs-Mirror.jpg Pathway: A History of the Printings of The Martyrs' Mirror
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David Luthy. This is a fascinating story with many illustrations and details of how the Martyrs' Mirror has been translated and reprinted.It contains the history of the Dutch, German and English printings from 1660-2012.

Large 8-1/2 x 11 hardback. 88 pp.
s-Martyrs-Mirror-new.jpg Martyr's Mirror
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This is the most-widely read Anbaptist (Mennonite) book of all time. This massive work contains three early Mennonite confessions of faith, accounts of Christian martyrs from the days of the apostles up to the time of the Reformation, and accounts of Anabaptist martyrs up through the early 17th century.
1157 pp. Large hardback.

S-Menno-Complete.jpg Pathway: Menno Simons: The Complete Works
$14.50 Pathway: Menno Simons: The Complete Works
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Menno Simons did not start the Anabaptist movement, but he became one of their best known spokesmen and organizers. This is the best price we have been able to find on the complete writings of Menno Simons. Translated from the original Dutch into English.
455 pages. Hardback