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Art Print: Dirk Willems Art Print: Dirk Willems
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"Love Your Enemies and Bless Them that Curse You"
18 x 24 art print on heavy stock
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Probably no scene from The Martyrs Mirror is quite as memorable as that of Dirk Willems turning to save the life of the drowning deputy who had been sent to arrest him. Despite his act of Christian love, the Catholic authorities still ordered the deputy to arrest Dirk, who they later burned at the stake. Yet, in the end, Dirk Willems has outlived his executioners.

The story of Dirk Willems is one that should never be forgotten. To that end, we have procured a professional artist to create an oil painting of this memorable scene. The painting closely follows the etching in The Martyrí»s Mirror , although it is not intended to be an exact copy of it.

We are offering large full color prints of this oil painting at the affordable price of $6.95 each. The prints are on 80 lb. card stock, enhanced with a glossy coating. These prints are suitable for framing or can be hung as posters. The picture does not come framed.

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The painting of Dirk Willems above is also available as a postcard. The back of the postcard reads: "In 1569, Dirk Willems turned around and saved the life of the deputy sent to arrest him---even though Dirk could have escaped. Despite this act of love, the authorities imprisoned him anyway and burned him at the stake." 

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S-Dirk-Willems-Noble-Deed.jpg Pathway: Dirk Willems: His Noble Deed Lives On
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David Luthy. Dirk Willems is one of the best-known Anabaptist martyrs of all time. Anyone who has read his story in the Martyrs Mirror cannot help but be moved by it. Arrested for his Christian beliefs, he escaped from the castle dungeon and dashed across the frozen moat to safety. However, the guard pursuing him broke through the ice and was drowning. Moved by love, Dirk went back and pulled the drowning man to safety. However, the guard arrested him . . . more.
Large 8-1/2 x 11 hardback. 82 pp.