Amish Books from Other Publishers

Here are more Amish books from various publishers other than Pathway:

S-20-Questions.jpg 20 Most Asked Questions About Amish and Mennonites
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This book answers the most common questions people ask about Amish and Mennonites, such as "How long have they been around?," "Why do they dress differently," and "Can others join them?"
Paper. 96 pp.

S-Quiet-and-Peaceable.jpg Quiet and Peaceable Life
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If the "plain people" of North America are to be understood in terms of their own concerns, we must consider sympathetically their own expressions and the biblical cadences they echo.

Having maintained, with the tolerance of their society, a simple life as :the quiet in the land," these folk still prize such passť virtues as modesty, humility, and obedience to God's will, as interpreted by a disciplined community of faith.

94 pp. Paper.

S-Puzzles-Amish-Life.jpg Puzzles of Amish Life
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Anyone who has been around the Amish has no doubt made a number of puzzling observations: They cannot drive cars, but they can pay others to drive them. They allow electricity generated by solar panels, but not if itís provided by a power company. They are not permitted to have telephones in their homes, but they can use a phone booth located outside their house. They use modern farm machinery Ė so long as it is pulled by horses. Although all of these things seem contradictory and arbitrary, in reality there are wise and well-thought-out reasons behind all of them.
126 pp. paper. $7.95