Why Stop Short of Apostolic Christianity?

S-Claims-of-Rome.jpg CD: The Claims of Rome
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D. Bercot.
The Roman Catholic Church claims that Peter was the first pope. It further claims that the pope, or bishop of Rome, has been vested with primary authority over all other Christians as "Christ's vicar on earth." The Catholic Church also claims that the pope is infallible when defining matters of faith and morals.

But is this what Christians originally believed? Bercot quotes from Scripture and the early Christians to demonstrate that Rome's claims have no basis.
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S-Faith-Once.jpg CD: The Faith Once For All Delivered
$4.95 CD: The Faith Once For All Delivered
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D. Bercot. The Scriptures speak of the “faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). Yet, some Christians claim that the Church has the authority to further develop the faith. Did the original faith lack something? In this message, Bercot explains what the earliest Christians believed—those who had received the faith firsthand from the apostles.
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S-Myth-of-7-Councils.jpg CD: Myth of the 7 Ecumenical Councils
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D. Bercot. The Eastern Orthodox Church claims that there have been seven ecumenical councils, whose decisions have the same authority as Scripture. But is this true? What really happened at these seven councils? What were their pronouncements? Who called for the convening of them?

In this message, Bercot demonstrates that the claims made about these councils are quite mythical. Not only were their decisions not inspired by God, they often directly contradicted God’s written Word.
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CD Set: Why Stop Short of Apostolic Christianity
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Set of Three 70 min. CDs
David W. Bercot

Today, there is probably more interest in the writings of the early church than at any time in the last 1000 years! Yet, of the thousands of Christians today who are looking into the primitive faith, probably the majority will stop far short of ever returning to apostolic Christianity. Instead, they will settle for the "Christianity" of the 7th or 8th centuries--or even later. 

This three-disc series explores the following issues:

Disc 1: The Faith Once For All Delivered to the Saints
Disc 2: What About the Claims of Rome?
Disc 3: The Truth About the 7 "Ecumenical" Councils

3 70 min. audio cds $13.95