Seeing Christ in the Tabernacle

Seeing Christ in the Tabernacle $5.99

Ervin Hershberger. If you are looking for something that will deepen your understanding of Jesus and your love for Him, you can find a rich experience by studying the tabernacle with the author. It will be like a curtain being pulled open, as you see Christ marvelously foreshadowed in practically every piece of the tabernacle. Christians have typically viewed passages in Exodus and Leviticus about the tabernacle as dry reading. But not anymore, as this book suddenly brings them to life!

100 pp. Paper.

From the publisher’s preface: “This book is a study of God's masterpiece of typology, the Mosaic tabernacle. The tabernacle is a fascinating object lesson, a picturesque illustration of Christ and His Church on earth. Unless we see some aspect of Jesus Christ in every piece of its furniture, boards, pillars, ropes, and curtains, we have not sufficiently studied the tabernacle.

Our primary purpose, however, is not the tabernacle, but the adore, praise, and glorify Jesus Christ, of whom the tabernacle is only a shadow.”