Spanish Language School

Study Spanish in Honduras

We are helping to sponsor a Spanish language school in Siguatepeque, Honduras, called Central Honduras Spanish Learning Center. The school features an immersion language program. In full immersion Spanish language schools, the student travels to a country where Spanish is the predominant language. The student often boards with a local family, so that both in and out of the classroom, the student is totally immersed in the Spanish language. Also, in most immersion programs, each student has his or her own one-on-one personal instructor, and all of the teaching is done in Spanish. No English is spoken in the classroom.

This new Spanish language school is located in a beautiful new building in Siguatepeque. The upstairs floor of the school features very attractive guest bedrooms and a kitchen for those students who elect to room at the school. The fee schedule is set forth below:

Spanish language school

Spanish language school