Pilgram Marpeck

Pilgram Marpeck was an author and leader of the South German Anabaptists. He is one of the most important of the German Anabaptists of the 16th century. At the time that the Reformation began, Marpeck worked as the engineer in the mines of the lower Inn Valley. However, in 1528, he was removed from his office of mine engineer because of his sympathy towards the Anabaptists.

Pilgram had observed that wherever Lutherís gospel had been preached, it resulted in carnal freedom. Pilgram was unable to find rest in the Lutheran church, and he eventually joined the Anabaptist movement. For many years, he served as a leader and spokesman for the Anabaptists in southern Germany.

Pilgram wrote a number of works, some of which have been translated into English only in the past fifty years.