Irish Monks

The Beehive Cells in Which Irish Monks Lived

In my CD, Patrick: The Greatest Missionary Since Paul, I make mention of the Irish monks who followed in the footsteps of Patrick and helped to spread Christianity throughout the British Isles and in continental Europe. When I was in Ireland in 1996, I visited the stone huts or cells in which many of the Irish monks lived. These huts, which resemble beehives, were made entirely from stones without any mortar. Yet, many of them have stood for 1400 or more years. Their lives of self-denial prepared these monks to undergo the rigors of missionary life in that age.

Here are some pictures of these beehive cells, scanned from slides I took in 1996.

David Bercot

Irish monks beehive cells

Irish monks beehive cells

Irish monks beehive cells

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