Mike Atnip

S-Bohemian-Revival.jpg Birth, Life, and Death of the Bohemian Revival
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Mike Atnip. One of the kingdom movements that had a profound impact on western Christianity was the spiritual revolution in Bohemia that grew out of the reform movement of John Hus. The Bohemian revival gave birth to the Moravians, who were the pioneers in the great missionary movement that began in the 1700s. more.
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S-Handmaiden-of-the-Lamb.jpg Handmaiden of the Lamb
$5.95 Handmaiden of the Lamb
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Through worldliness, spiritual pride, doubts, depression, and an extremely embarrassing failure of her church, God led a simple Moravian shepherdess into a leading position in one of the most ambitious, mission-minded movements of church history, The Renewed Moravian Brethren.

S-Scenes-from-David-Z.jpg Scenes from the Life of David Zeisberger
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Mike Atnip. Living in the midst of a water-downed "Christianity," the lives of consecrated men of valor ought to be continually laid before our eyes. We are in danger of thinking that our present lukewarmness is and always has been normal! The life of David Zeisberger, Moravian missionary, more.

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