Early Christianity: Philip Schaff

The eminent nineteenth century church historian, Philip Schaff, wrote numerous articles and books on church history. We have posted on our site a number of his articles on some of the early Christian writers (or church fathers) and on various aspects of primitive Christianity.

Some of the important early Christian writers we encourage you to read about are Clement of Rome, Ignatius, Papias, Athenagoras, Theophilus, Hippolytus, and Novatian.

One of the major schismatic movements of the early church was Montanism, which we encourage you to read about. Philip Schaff has also written excellent articles on Early Christian Art, Contrasting the Christian and Pagan Lifestyles, Early Christian Martyrs, and Evangelism in the Early Church. Finally, we have included articles on two early second century works, the Shepherd by Hermas, and the Letter of Barnabas.

For your convenience, we have listed all of these links below: