Anabaptist Identity Conference

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Anabaptist Identity Conference

The Anabaptist Identity Conference is an annual or semi-annual conference held in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and/or Sarasota, Florida. The topics presented at each conference are designed to strengthen and encourage conservative Anabaptists in their kingdom convictions. They are also designed to challenge today’s Anabaptists not to become complacent in their Christianity and to honestly look at areas of weakness.

The conference schedule for November, 2011 is as follows:

Lancaster Area
Anabaptist Identity Conference
“Who Are We?”
November 18 – 20, 2011
Midway Reception Center – Lititz, PA

This conference is intended to probe more deeply into various pertinent subjects with the goal of stirring the hearts and thinking of contemporary conservative Anabaptist people into a deeper, humbler, and more meaningful walk with Christ, calling all to a lifestyle of worship. Where we have strayed from Godly order, we open ourselves to correction and further instruction in the better things of the New Testament. Each session will be followed by a brief question and answer period. Also, most sessions will provide a printed handout. Three new books will be introduced by their authors/compiler and will be available for purchase.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own copies of the new Hymns of the Church for use at the conference. The theme song for the conference will be “O Christ, Our Lord, with Teaching True” by Anabaptist martyr Michael Sattler, number 592 in Hymns of the Church. Anthony Hurst and others will lead the music.

Recordings of previous conferences, Florida and Pennsylvania, will be available both online at and on CD from Victory Music Services, Lavern Yoder 443-480-1489, or The sessions will be accessible live by phone conference line at 712-432-8773 Pin: 47223

Freewill offerings will be taken to cover the expenses of the meeting. Checks can be made out to Shalom Ministries, a 501C3 nonprofit organization; receipts available. Those needing lodging arrangements may contact Chester Weaver 260-499-4638.

Planning Committee: Jerry Hoover, John D. Martin, Matthias J. Overholt, Nathan Overholt, Chester Weaver. Any questions may be directed to Chester Weaver.

2011 Theme: Conservative Anabaptists – Where Are We?

Friday Evening November 18

7:00 PM Welcome, Opening Prayer, Worship in Song
Modern to Postmodern – Jonas Sauder, Lancaster, PA
Introduction to Unser Leit – Leroy Beachy, Millersburg, OH
Question and answer periods following each session.

Saturday Morning November 19

9:30 AM Welcome, Opening Prayer, Worship in Song
Martyrs Mirror Engravings – Amos Hoover, Ephrata, PA (historian)
Introduction to In God We Don’t Trust - David Bercot, Amberson, PA
Question and answer periods following each session.
Lunch 11:30

Saturday Afternoon

1:30 PM Welcome, Opening Prayer, Worship in Song
Encountering the Living Christ Yesterday - Dean Taylor, Ephrata, PA
Getting Serious About Transformation: Radical Conversion and Post-conversion Transformation – Milo Zehr, Guys Mills, PA
Question and answer periods following each session.
Supper 5:00

Saturday evening

7:00 PM Welcome, Opening Prayer, Worship in Song
From Anabaptist to Pietist Church Music – Chester Weaver, Lagrange, IN
Question and answer period
Hymns of the Church Singspiration - John D. Martin, Shippensburg, PA

Sunday Morning, November 20

9:30 PM Welcome, Opening Prayer, Worship in Song
Conservative Anabaptists After 50 Years: Being Honest with the Problems We Have Created – Frank Reed, Manheim, PA
Paths to Renewal: Old Order or Pietism? – Edsel Burdge, Shippensburg, PA
Question and answer periods after each session.
Lunch 11:30

Sunday Afternoon

1:30 PM Welcome, Opening Prayer, Worship in Song
What Does It Take to Make a Bumblebee Fly? Tracing the Hand of God in the Formation of the Christian Day School Movement – Jonas Sauder
Looking Both Ways: Hindering the Truth by Failing to Acknowledge the Truth on the Other Side – Kenneth Kuhns, North Bloomfield, OH
Question and answer periods after each session.
Supper 5:00

Sunday evening

7:00 PM Welcome, Opening Prayer, Worship in Song
Encountering the Living Christ Today – Dean Taylor
Whatever Happened to the Humility Motif? – John D. Martin
Question and answer periods after each session.

The three new books being featured at the 2011 Anabaptist Identity Conference are as follows:

$9.95 In God We Don't Trust
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David Bercot. Here is the compelling narrative of the founding of America, told from a perspective that few people have ever heard. That perspective is the kingdom of God. America's currency declares, "In God We Trust." But did the American colonists truly trust in God in the founding of the United States?

The product of nine years of research, this new work challenges much of what most of us learned in school about the founding of America and the American Revolution. Bercot's well-documented findings will surprise many people. At the same time, this timely work will strengthen the convictions of nonresistant, kingdom Christians.
320 pp. Paper.
Read more.



John D. Martin, compiler. Lovingly compiled over a period of 10 years, Hymns of the Church contains 1015 hymns specially chosen for the rich content of timeless truths they express. Among these hymns are songs that reflect a distinct Anabaptist emphasis on the Lordship of Christ, discipleship, obedience, . . . more.

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